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Orlando, Florida is the perfect destination to recover and refresh before heading back to your active lives. Orlando is one of the most popular destinations for families during spring break. There are many activities that carry adventure, amusement, and relaxation.

Amusement Parks: Orlando is home to well-known water & theme parks. Orlando offers many amusement parks and family fun activities. Orlando is known to be the “Theme Park Capital of the World” and has enough to keep you and your family entertained for weeks, even months.

Orlando’s Nightlife: When the sun goes down & the party has just begun, Orlando offers the best nightclubs and bars. If you’re ready for a fun night out, Downtown Orlando is the best place to start.

Spas and Relaxation: After a long week of theme parks and nightclubs, your family may have reached the point where they just want to relax. Well you’re in luck! Orlando offers plenty of various selections to help you reconnect with your body and recharge your batteries.

Eating in Orlando: Orlando has some of the best restaurants & wonderful dining. After a long day of fun, it will be time to eat up. Orlando offers culinary enjoyment as delightful as the amusement park, from fancy restaurants to street food. Orlando offers it all!

A wonderful way to experience all the things Orlando has to offer is to stay in a vacation home or luxury villa. There are various types of rentals to choose from. If you need a small two-bedroom set-up or a three+ bedroom and bath home, favorite vacation homes has it all! There are holiday homes that offer two- three bedrooms, one- two bathrooms and an eat-in kitchen with all you need appliances and kitchenware. There are larger houses with queen and king size beds and numerous bathrooms for big families or large groups that decide to go on vacation together. There are also luxury villas that can hold up to fourteen people. When you separate the expenses between such a large groups of people, you can get the astonishing and great pleasure experience that you want for just a small amount of money a day. The holiday villas offer the bedrooms and bathrooms to have personal space, but also have huge living rooms, dining rooms and fully-equipped kitchens. Holiday villas also come with private outdoor areas. You’ll be able to enjoy the BBQ areas and patios. You can also find rental villas with private pools and spas.

Many of our rentals are located in resort style communities. These communities offer Olympic, lagoon and kiddie pools all in the same area. There are clubhouses, recreational facilities like tennis courts, sand volleyball courts, and outdoor basketball courts. There are course gyms, onsite restaurants and cafes, and movie theaters, with the latest films. You can find all of this fun just a walk from your front door.

Spring Break 2016 in Orlando doesn’t sound bad after all. Orlando has many wonderful things to offer so why not come and spend your spring break in Orlando, Florida with Favorite Vacation Homes.

Orlando in a Snap! Picture Perfect Vacation Rentals

Orlando in a Snap! Picture Perfect Vacation Rentals


There is hardly a more picturesque city than Orlando. It has the most beautiful sun-drenched beaches, incredible skylines that light up at night, amazing theme and attraction parks, cultural venues like theaters and and museums, small lazy beach towns, big bustling cities, and everything in between that you could possibly imagine. And all of it is easily accessible with an Orlando or Kissimmee vacation rental. You can stay in an entire home with you and all your fellow vacationers for the same price as a single hotel room in the city. Yes, you will be able to experience all of the joys and wonders there are in Florida from a beautifully decorated, meticulously maintained vacation home. Most vacation homes are conveniently located to give you quick access to the parks, and shopping, the dining, the fun and the magic that Orlando has to offer. Yes, you could stay in your holiday home and have an amazing relaxing time by the pool or on the tennis court working on your game, but you have so many options that venturing out into the city and the surrounding areas is a must.

And as if you didn’t need anymore reasons to pack up and head to Orlando already, this fall season has incredibly low prices on all apartment rental, holiday houses, and luxury villas. You can stay in a mansion in Orlando, with private pool and spa, and a host of other amenities for just dollars a day per person. It is an incredible deal just for the accommodations. When you start to factor in all of the other benefits that come with staying in an entire house, then you will quickly realize that the price and the benefits are just too good to beat.

You get the entire house with multiple bedrooms. Yes, hotels can accommodate four people per room, but you have a tiny shared one room with one bathroom. There is no privacy. There is no me time. You have to make a schedule for the bathroom. And you’re forced to leave your cramped hotel room and venture out even if all you want to do is relax a little. That’s no way to spend your well-earned vacation. You deserve an entire house with big bedrooms and your own bathroom. A fully-equipped kitchen that you can use at your leisure any time of the day. A living room where you can relax and watch TV or catch up with friends and family. An outdoor area where you can spend the day by the pool or under a shady tree. What type of hotel can offer you all of that? Even if there were one, the cost of all those perks and amenities would be astronomical. I say skip the headache and move on to a higher level of vacation accommodations, by booking your vacation house today! The weather is already changing and if you don’t want to be stuck in a cold snap for the rest of the year then I would recommend shopping for bathing suits and suntan lotion so you’ll be prepared for your villa holiday or house rental soon!

Vacationing in an Orlando Rental Home is a Snap!

Vacationing in an Orlando Rental Home is a Snap!

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Hotels are so easy to book nowadays. It is incredibly quick and painless to go online and find the right for your vacation and book it. However, that process is just as easy if you’re booking a vacation rental. On our site you can search for availability and number of guests and then have a huge selection of rental apartments, vacation houses, and luxury villas to choose from. If you are looking to book for the fall months, then there are even more houses that are available and the prices are incredible! You can get an entire house for the same price as a single hotel room. I know bigger isn’t always better, but how could one turn down an entire house with multiple rooms– bedrooms, bathrooms, a living room, a fully-equipped kitchen and access to a host of other perks and amenities? I don’t know, but somehow thousands of tourists are lured into paying a fortune for a single hotel room in an already crowded hotel.
A vacation home is privacy and comfort. It’s convenience and fun all in one. You can have your alone time in your beautifully maintained and decorated home. But you can also step right outside your front door to enjoy the amenities that come with vacation rentals– like community Olympic sized pools, recreational and athletic facilities, like tennis courts and sand volleyball courts, restaurants, cafes, game rooms, arcades, and even movie theaters! There is so much to do just within the community that you can stay amused for days without even leaving. Resort communities are a great place to have your home base during your vacation in Florida. They are far enough away from the city to be calm and peaceful, but they are conveniently close to all of the great attractions that vacationers like to visit.

You can go to the amusement and attraction parks as much (or as little) as you like. You can visit downtown and all of the museums, theater and sport options there are. You will be close to shopping malls and some of the best cuisine in the world. Florida’s beautiful weather and proximity to two oceans mean that it has a lot of delicious fresh food. I’m thinking— fresh squeezed orange juice in your mimosa and freshly caught lobster! Now you can imagine why so many people like to spend their vacations here. Whether it is an annual trek for the blissful summer season, a quick stopover for a long weekend in the fall, a well-deserved respite from the cold during the winter, or a spring break vacation that you’ll never forget, Orlando and Kissimmee are just a short flight from wherever you are located. Both are affordable and friendly to all tourists. And even with the number of things that we’ve mentioned so far to do in Florida, there are ten times more things that you’ll be able to discover when you book your vacation rental or villa holiday.

Take Off with Orlando Vacation Rentals

Take Off with Orlando Vacation Rentals


There is no time like the present to head down to Orlando for an amazing world-class vacation. You can stay in a hotel like most folks if you are satisfied with your experience, or you can spring for the better option which is a vacation rental in either Orlando or Kissimmee. There are many different reasons to come visit Orlando. There are beautiful beaches and one-of-a-kind nature areas, like the Everglades. There is the amazing dining and of course the attraction and theme parks that make Orlando so famous to people from around the world. There are so many different things to see, do, eat, play, experience, that anyone with any interest will be sure to find something to love in Orlando. The best way to take advantage of everything that Orlando has to offer is to stay in a rental home or luxury villa.

There are many different types of rentals to choose from. There are apartment rentals that have everything that you’d need in a small one-bedroom setup. There are holiday homes that are probably very similar to what most people, who are from smaller towns are used to. They come with two or three bedrooms, one or two bathrooms, a small living room and probably an eat-in kitchen with all of the necessary appliances and kitchenware. There are larger houses with queen and king sized beds and multiple bathrooms that are perfect for large families on vacations or big groups who decide to go together. And then there are luxury villas that can accommodate up to fourteen people. When you split the cost between so many people you can get that amazing, luxury experience for just dollars a day. Holiday villas have all the bedrooms and bathrooms to have private space, but they also have a large living room, dining room, and fully-equipped kitchen. They also often come with private outdoor areas. You will be able to find rental villas with private pools and spas. They even come with BBQ areas and patios so you can cook and socialize outdoors with your group.

Most of the rentals that you will be able to find on our site are located in resort style communities. These communities give the people who live there and who rent the homes access to community amenities and perks that would otherwise not be possible in any other context. You can find olympic, lagoon, and kiddie pools all in the same vicinity. There are clubhouses, recreational facilities like tennis courts, sand volleyball courts, and outdoor basketball courts. There are also of course gyms, where you can work up a sweat. You can occasionally find onsite restaurants and cafes, and even movie theaters where you can can the latest films, just a short walk from your front door.

There are so many things to do in Orlando, but there are also a host of things you can do within your own resort community if you decide to stay in an Orlando vacation rental. When you choose holiday homes, you end up saving so much money, time and stress, that it seems like the no-brainer when it comes to vacation accommodations.

Beautiful Landscapes in Florida Vacation Homes

Beautiful Landscapes in Florida Vacation Homes

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There are many beautiful places in the United States. We are home to some of the most magnificent natural features and some of the most beautiful and dynamic metropolitan areas in the world. There are so many places to see and so many things to do, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and for some people that manifests itself as staying at home as opposed to going out and experiencing the world. To those people I say get up and get out there! With so many possible destinations you might as well start sooner than later in getting them all checked off. If Orlando is on your list (and even it is not) then you should head down this fall. Orlando is home to so many different attractions and is a perfect combination of beautiful scenery– think beaches, everglades, palm lined streets– and the bustling, energetic, fun metropolitan center.

A vacation home is the perfect place to spend your time while you are here. You can rent an entire holiday home for the same price as a hotel room. When you figure that you can share the house with others, which means you can split the cost, you can stay for just dollars a day. And that does not mean that you will have to be sharing a hovel. You get a full sized house with king and queen sized beds, multiple bathrooms (no more fighting for the one hotel bathroom), a fully equipped kitchen to prepare meals at your leisure, a living room with HD TVs for your viewing, WiFi included and much, much more. Some homes even come with laundry rooms, outdoor patios, BBQ pits, private pools or spas or both! Plus many vacation rentals are located within resort communities. These communities give you everything that a five-star world-class resort would offer for just the price of renting your vacation house. You get to be conveniently located near all of the metropolitan offerings in Orlando, but far enough away to enjoy peace and quiet. Plus the natural areas, like beaches and national parks are just a short drive away from those resort communities.

Orlando is the best of both worlds, and getting to experience all of it can be very affordable if you stay in a holiday house. Holiday homes give you such a level of flexibility when it comes to spending your time and money on your vacation. You can go in a group and stay in a full sized luxury villa, or you can go with a friend or a partner and stay in a modest rental apartment (I will remind you that it comes with all of the benefits mentioned above). It is hard to imagine a better set up for enjoying all of the amazing things to see and do in Florida. So instead of staying home and thinking about the dream vacations you will never take, make a change this season and head on down to explore the amazing destination city of Orlando.

Orlando Vacation Homes: A Photographer’s Dream

Orlando Vacation Homes: A Photographer’s Dream


With the advancing presence of social media, the skill and the scope of photographers can dramatically increased in recent years. Because anyone can post their skills online to a wide audience for free and with little effort, there are plenty of people snapping pics and showing the world their ability to capture their beautiful surroundings. Orlando is the perfect place for the Instagram or Facebook junkie who loves to snap beautiful shots and share them with their friends and family. The weather is beautiful in Florida, the scenery is picturesque and the surroundings are magical! The best way to access all of that is through a vacation rental, that can be your photography home base. The cost of a house rental in Orlando or Kissimee is so affordable that you can spend an entire month snapping pictures to your heart’s content and not have to worry about that cost. Home rentals are almost always cheaper than a hotel room, and if you end up splitting the cost then you can stay in a home rental for just dollars a day– less than rent in most parts of the country! Heck, at these prices you might as well move in for good.

Orlando and Kissimmee have so much to offer the budding photographer. There are the beautiful beaches that are just a quick drive from vacation rentals. There are nature areas like the Everglades. There are the beautiful parks and the scenic downtown areas. You can even get some good pictures in the theme parks that make Orlando such a vacation destination for some many people. The animatronics and sets at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter will make you feel like you’re in the movie! What a great opportunity to take some great shots. And if you’re staying in a luxury villa, then you might as well be taking pictures of the rental itself. They are beautifully decorated and will give you access to a level of vacation that would normally cost thousands of dollars just for a few nights. So, if you have a hankering to take beautiful landscape shots of palm trees– if you want to capture a colorful skyline or a laidback beach town then you should head to a Florida vacation home ASAP.

It is incredibly easy to book. You can choose from a wide range of properties, from small apartment rentals to full size home rentals, to beautiful villa holiday rentals that will give you access to a beautiful resort community with a whole host of amenities and perks that you would not be able to find anywhere else for a comparable price. A Florida vacation rental will give you the perfect location to take pictures, enjoy the beautiful scenery, relax in style, and have fun in one of the most dynamic and most visited cities in the world! What is there not to love about staying in an amazing home all to yourself for the same price as a single hotel room? Find out for yourself this autumn.

Relaxation & Productivity in a Vacation Rental

Relaxation & Productivity in A Vacation Rental


Some people (like me) think that vacation is all about relaxation and disconnecting from the stress and negativity from daily life. And while I stick by that idea, I realize that some people need to stay at least somewhat connected and get some work done even while on vacation. To these people, I applaud your work ethic and your commitment to work. However, it is possible to accomplish both relaxation and fun with work and productivity. Florida vacation rentals are the best place to get that done. Staying in a hotel puts you in a totally different mindset than if you were to rent an entire vacation home. You get all of the amenities that you’re accustomed to at home and at work. You can spend the entire day in your vacation rental and not get stir crazy like you would in a hotel room. You can leave whenever you like and enjoy the amenities and perks that come with a Orlando holiday home or luxury villa. You can get work done in the morning and then head out to the theme parks in Orlando or the beaches all along the Florida coast. There is really no wrong way to combine work and fun in a vacation house.

I always like to start the morning with fresh coffee. Of course you could make the little packet of instant you get in your hotel room, or you can brew a full pot in your fully equipped gourmet kitchen. You can also spend the morning chatting with your fellow vacationers. You make breakfast or a big brunch that everyone can enjoy in the eat-in kitchen or on the patio. Some luxury villas even come with private pools so you lounge during the day and take breaks to get some work done.

There is always WiFi and space where you can setup your laptop and work documents. If you are vacationing in a group then everyone can be doing different activities during the day and you can set up times to meet back at your holiday home for group activities. Once you get your work done you can celebrate by going out to Orlando’s amazing nightlife. You can catch a sports game or you can go to one of the many theater and music offerings there are every night. Even if you are out late, you won’t have to worry about the commute home. Vacation rentals are located conveniently close to the city, but far enough away for you to enjoy the quiet and serenity of vacation neighborhoods.

Play and productivity aren’t always compatible. Though I am a firm believer that when you exercise and are active, when you spend time with friends and family, explore and have fun you have more energy and positive attitude, which will translate over into your work. The better you feel the better you will perform and the better you’ll be able to handle failure, and the better you’ll be able to appreciate you accomplishments.


Spending a Week in an Orlando Vacation Home

Spending A Week in an Orlando Vacation Home


There are lot of options when it comes to vacations. Many people like to fly to Hawaii for a week of sun and sand. Some people will make the trek to Europe for fine dining and culture. Both destinations can be pricey, crowded and difficult to organize and plan. However, you can get the best of both worlds a little closer to home– Orlando! Florida is a great option for vacationers because it offers so much for people of all interests. There is shopping, dining, museums, theme parks, beautiful beaches and much, much more. It is also less expensive than most vacation destinations. When you stay in an Orlando vacation home or Kissimmee holiday rental you will save so much money you could lengthen your stay as much as you like. Cost isn’t an issue when it comes to your accommodations, which means that you can spend your money on other great vacation splurges, like dinner, shopping, day trips, and theme park passes.

Breaking the vacation rental vacation down is fairly simple, but many people aren’t aware of their options when it comes to holiday rentals. So, to make it easy here are some of the reasons why you should book for your next vacation. First there is the convenience of staying in the country. You don’t have to show up to the airport two extra hours in advance, you don’t need your passport or have to worry about customs or other concerns that come with international travel. You don’t have to bring your dictionary with you because everyone speaks English. It’s convenient and even though it is not far from home, Orlando is a great place to have a vacation adventure.

There are so many things to do here! No matter what you’re interests are there is something for you in Orlando. There are cultural activities like museums and theatre shows. There are nature areas to explore like the beautiful beaches along the Atlantic or the Everglades. There are traditional holiday activities like spas, shopping, and dining. There are also the theme and amusement parks that makes Orlando so popular with tourists from around the world. You can spend days at any one of the several large theme parks. Vacation homes and rental houses are located close to all of these attractions. You will be centered among all the best that Orlando has to offer, while paying only a fraction of what you would to rent a hotel rome in a similar location.

Vacations should be relaxing so you shouldn’t have to worry about spending too much money, because that is just plain stressful. With Orlando rentals by owner or even in the nicest luxury villa you will not have to worry about the cost of accommodations. That leaves the rest of your vacation up to you in terms of what you want to spend and what you want to experience. Vacation homes offer a lot of flexibility because of their great rates, their amazing location, and their ease and convenience.

Dive Into an Orlando Villa Holiday

 Dive Into an Orlando Villa Holiday

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I’ve been plugging Orlando vacation rentals and Kissimmee holiday homes in 99 blog posts this year. So in honor of my 100th post I’d like to invite all potential vacationers to take the dive and try out a vacation home in Florida this year. Vacations are precious and when you get the opportunity to leave your home town and explore the world you should grab that chance! Sure you can stay home and experience everything that you’re used to, or you can head out on an adventure! Florida is a great place to visit because there are many things to do and there is something for everyone even with the most diverse interests. Florida may seem out of reach for lots of people around the country, but there are daily flights into Orlando from every major airport in the US. Flights are generally cheap and now that we’ve left the tourist season behind, you are bound to find a good deal. Vacation rentals and holiday houses are the best option when it comes to accommodations. You can rent an entire house for the cost of a single hotel room. That means you get multiple bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, living room, kitchen, sometimes even an outdoor area complete with pool, spa, and BBQ pit. Why anyone would stay at home I don’t know.

Many Americans accrue vacation hours and then don’t know how to spend them or don’t have the energy to plan a trip. Let me save you the time and energy by telling you that the easiest, most stress-free, least expensive, but still amazing vacation is in Orlando. There are so many things to do, see, shop, and eat. You can relax in your beautiful luxury villa or go for a swim in the olympic size community pool. You can take a day trip to one of the beautiful beaches that are just a short drive away from Orlando and Kissimmee. You can indulge yourself by shopping at extensive shopping malls or by dining out at some of the best restaurants in the world.

Convenience is a big plus for vacation rentals here. You can fly in any day of the week and walk into your fully equipped vacation rental. You can rent for a couple days or for a full month and you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank because the rentals are very affordable. And most of the rentals by owner and house rentals are located very close to all of the best attractions, dining, and shopping, so you will never have to waste you precious vacation hours driving or waiting in traffic.

So the next time you have a long weekend that you’re planning on staying home or doing your normal routine, think about switching it up and heading down to Florida. The options for vacationing here are limitless and you will never have sticker shock when you head back to your normal lives. Vacation homes are a great option for small or big groups and long or short vacations. The accommodate every type of traveler and are the best way to enjoy your Orlando vacation.

Road Trip to an Orlando Holiday Home

Road Trip to an Orlando Holiday Home


A vacation rental is waiting for you in sunny, exciting, fantastic Orlando, Florida. You can make a trip out of heading down the coast or you can easily fly in from on any major airport in the country. However, you do decide to get here, you can definitely be sure that the holiday homes and rental homes in Orlando and Kissimmee will be part of the best vacation experience. There are so many different homes to choose from that you can surely find one that best suits your needs and wants during your trip. And the prices that you will find make even the nicest luxury villas a possibility. Can you imagine the cost of a hotel bungalow with a private pool and outdoor areas, access to world-class amenities like five star golf resorts and community restaurants, clubhouses, arcades, nature areas, arcades and more? Of course not! And a hotel like that doesn’t even exist so we wouldn’t even be able to compare what ridiculous price it would cost per night.

What we do know is that there are numerous vacation rentals and holiday homes that are available. Especially because school is starting around the country and people are heading home after their mid summer vacations, you can find some incredible deals on rentals by owner and house rentals.

Vacationers are often shocked at the price of home rentals. They expect them to be so much more than a hotel and of course that would only make sense, would it not? When you rent a hotel room you get a room plus a bathroom and a closet. When you rent a holiday home you get the whole deal. You get everything that would expect in your own home for a price that is comparable to a single hotel room.

Vacationers are also shocked when they realize that their rental is not just the entire house to themselves. Renting a holiday home in Florida often gives renters access to community amenities that are meticulously maintained and suitable for the most luxurious tropical vacations. Many of the rentals that you will find are located within resort communities. And most of these communities are gated with a 24-hour watchman. That ensures your safety and comfort during your stay. Plus, the entire environment of these resort communities is one of relaxation, rejuvenation, and fun. With so many vacationers enjoying the sun, you will be sure to get in the holiday mood as soon as you arrive. There are so many things to do within the community that you could spend a whole month just enjoying those amenities, before you started exploring downtown Orlando and Kissimmee, where of course, there are even more things to do and experience. So make the right choice for your next vacation and come visit Orlando, but instead of a cramped hotel choose a beautiful, spacious, affordable vacation rental. You won’t be sorry that you did and you’ll probably thank us for turning you on to a new way to spend your holidays.

Tropical Rental Home Vacations Any Time of Year

Tropical Rental Home Vacations Any Time of the Year


It’s fall already and temperatures are already dropping. That is a welcome change for some who have endured a hot summer. If you had the opportunity to travel and visit exotic places (hopefully with lots of swimming pools) then you probably welcomed the heat and would love for another reason to spend time traveling and enjoying the outdoors. If you stayed home this summer then you might 1. be happy that fall is coming 2. be worrying about winter already 3. feel a little left out. Well I am here to tell you that all of your concerns are easily addressable by Orlando vacation homes.

Orlando is beautiful in fall. While it does get very warm here during the summer, the autumn months are cooler, but equally as beautiful and sunny as ever. If heat isn’t your thing, then you will be so glad to spend October and November in Orlando. It is a great season to come, especially when you consider that the largest tourist rush is over. Plus, less tourists mean lower prices on accommodations, which means that you can find incredible deals even on the largest, most beautiful luxury villas. You can literally rent any type of home with any amenity imaginable for incredibly reasonable rates. What is not to love about renting an entire home for less than the cost of renting one measly little hotel room? Why hotels are still in business in Orlando, I will never know.

So yes, you might be happy that it’s cooling down, but in the back of your mind you may already be dreading the coming winter. There is the snow, the bleak sunless days, the grumpy people, the dry indoor air, and so many terrible things that I will never move back into. But in Orlando, you will find the opposite, even in the middle of winter. There is endless sun, breezy weather, beautiful, happy, smiling people, lots of outdoor activities and so many other great things! All of which are completely attainable in rental home or holiday house in either Orlando or Kissimmee.

If you didn’t get to go on vacation this summer, then you deserve to go before the end of the year! I remember when family vacations were mandated and everyone had extra days to spend doing whatever they like. While vacation hours are more limited and people feel obligated to work, when they should really be relaxing, I think it’s still important to take time off and reconnect (or disconnect), and do whatever you need to be doing. If price is an issue for most of your vacations, then you will be pleasantly surprised to find that renting a vacation house in Orlando is very affordable, but offers so many amenities you will think that you’re on a five-star resort vacation. It’s true, Orlando is perfect for vacationers on any budget and is available all year round for however long you have or like to vacation. So book today for a last minute getaway, or book for a week during the upcoming winter months.

Fall is Beautiful in an Orlando Rental House

Fall is Beautiful in an Orlando Rental House


It’s official: summer is over and fall is here. Fall marks changing weather, warmer clothes, leaves changing, pumpkins, turkeys, school and work. While the respite from summer heat may be welcome to some, a lot of people may not have taken a vacation this summer. There are another group of people who wish it was summer all the time. To these people I invite you down to Orlando for the fall. If you need to get in a last minute vacation to make up for staying at home during the summer, then a vacation rental makes perfect sense. If you live in a four-season area of the country and you hate fall and winter and the beginning of spring (why do you even live there??), come down to Orlando whenever you need to get your summer fix.

There may be many reasons that you didn’t take a vacation this summer. You might not have had any place in mind; money could be an issue; the planning might just be a little too much, I mean after all, vacation should be about relaxation, not stressing over itineraries. Whatever your reasons were for not taking a well-deserved vacation, I’m here to tell you that everything is moot! Vacation rentals in Orlando are probably the best way to spend your holidays. They are incredibly convenient. You get an entire house to yourself, so you don’t have all of the hassle of living out a suitcase in a cramped hotel room for a week. You get to live like you do at home, but with all of the amenities of Orlando and the proximity to incredible attractions, shopping, and dining. All in the beautiful perpetual summer that is Florida.

And money is no issue when it comes to Orlando holiday homes. You can stay in a rental house in Orlando or Kissimmee for only a few dollars a night per person. The more people that come a long, the better deal you’ll get. When you start splitting a house up you can save quite a bit of money. And you won’t have to worry about feeling cramped or crowded. Holiday homes and rental homes have large bedrooms with queen and king size beds. There are also multiple bathrooms so you’ll never been fighting for bathroom rights. And of course a living room for socializing, watching TV, hanging out and relaxing. Maybe most importantly of all, vacation rentals by owner and holiday houses come with fully-equipped kitchens. You can make your morning coffee or a brunch for your entire group. Then if you find the right rental, you can eat by your private pool/spa combo. There might even be an outdoor patio and BBQ area where you can spend the afternoon.

Any time you come to Orlando, you will find amazing weather, friendly people, incredible amenities, and great prices on vacation rentals. So whether you just need a quick getaway or you are dreading the coming of winter, holiday homes are here for you!