Relaxation & Productivity in a Vacation Rental

Relaxation & Productivity in A Vacation Rental


Some people (like me) think that vacation is all about relaxation and disconnecting from the stress and negativity from daily life. And while I stick by that idea, I realize that some people need to stay at least somewhat connected and get some work done even while on vacation. To these people, I applaud your work ethic and your commitment to work. However, it is possible to accomplish both relaxation and fun with work and productivity. Florida vacation rentals are the best place to get that done. Staying in a hotel puts you in a totally different mindset than if you were to rent an entire vacation home. You get all of the amenities that you’re accustomed to at home and at work. You can spend the entire day in your vacation rental and not get stir crazy like you would in a hotel room. You can leave whenever you like and enjoy the amenities and perks that come with a Orlando holiday home or luxury villa. You can get work done in the morning and then head out to the theme parks in Orlando or the beaches all along the Florida coast. There is really no wrong way to combine work and fun in a vacation house.

I always like to start the morning with fresh coffee. Of course you could make the little packet of instant you get in your hotel room, or you can brew a full pot in your fully equipped gourmet kitchen. You can also spend the morning chatting with your fellow vacationers. You make breakfast or a big brunch that everyone can enjoy in the eat-in kitchen or on the patio. Some luxury villas even come with private pools so you lounge during the day and take breaks to get some work done.

There is always WiFi and space where you can setup your laptop and work documents. If you are vacationing in a group then everyone can be doing different activities during the day and you can set up times to meet back at your holiday home for group activities. Once you get your work done you can celebrate by going out to Orlando’s amazing nightlife. You can catch a sports game or you can go to one of the many theater and music offerings there are every night. Even if you are out late, you won’t have to worry about the commute home. Vacation rentals are located conveniently close to the city, but far enough away for you to enjoy the quiet and serenity of vacation neighborhoods.

Play and productivity aren’t always compatible. Though I am a firm believer that when you exercise and are active, when you spend time with friends and family, explore and have fun you have more energy and positive attitude, which will translate over into your work. The better you feel the better you will perform and the better you’ll be able to handle failure, and the better you’ll be able to appreciate you accomplishments.


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