Sharing a Vacation Rental with Friends

If you’re the type of person who always has room at your table for friends and guests, then a vacation rental is perfect for sharing with friends. Booking several hotel rooms for you and a big party can get very expensive. Plus, you’ll be separated for at least half of your vacation. And who wants to spend time all cramped into one hotel room? A holiday home is perfect for social people who want to spend an amazing Florida vacation together. When you book a hotel room you get the single room and not much more space than the closet and washroom. When you book a holiday home you set yourself up for an amazing, fun vacation. You get your large sized bedrooms with queen and king mattresses. You also get a fully equipped kitchen to cook meals or prepare snacks whenever you like. You also get a living room for entertaining and spending time together. There are often large screen TVs if you just want a little relaxation time.

There are so many different types of vacation rentals by owner and regular rental homes to choose from. You can find rental apartments, to rental condos, to full size luxury villas. You can fit two people in an apartment and up to fourteen people in a rental villa. You will often spend the same amount for a large sized villa that you would spend to book a hotel room. When you stop and consider the number of rooms you would need for a group that large then you can really see why booking a vacation rental together makes the most sense. If you wanted seven rooms for fourteen people you would be spending a fortune, but if you split the cost of a holiday home between a large group, then you will end up spending only dollars a day for you accommodations, as opposed to thousands of dollars each week. That means that you can extend your vacation for as long as you like. The prices are so reasonable and the amenities are so amazing that you can stay in Orlando and Kissimmee for as long as you like.

Rental homes make the most sense when it comes to Orlando vacations. A lot of people don’t consider them because they’ve never tried them before. However, once you do you will realize that it is the best way to vacation. You get so much more for so much less than a hotel. You get multiple bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen and living room. Plus you can often get a rental with outdoor areas like BBQ pits, backyards, and private pools and spas. Even if you don’t find a rental with all of that most holiday homes in Orlando and Kissimmee will give you access to community pools, spas, athletic and recreational facilities and a ton of other amenities and perks. So if you decide to rental a holiday home for your vacation, you can expect a lot more than you could ever get from a standard hotel room.


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