Waking Up in a Florida Vacation Rental

When I stay in a hotel I often feel groggy and like I want to stay in bed. I think that because hotels are just transient accommodations, they don’t give us the same sense of reality that our own bedrooms provide. I also usually don’t get a good sense of the area when I stay in a hotel. While hotels can be nice for a couple nights. Staying in them gives you such a disconnect between what the real feel of the destination is and your own experience. When you end up going back to a hotel every night, you aren’t getting the full picture. Staying a vacation rental, lets you vacation like a local. What does that mean exactly? Locals often don’t take advantage of what is in their own city. That’s a shame because many people would love to experience the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes in their own city, but are too busy or just don’t consider those activities as priorities, even when they are right under their own noses.

But, as a visitor to Orlando, you have access to all of the amazing amenities and attractions in the city. And because you don’t pass by these things everyday, you won’t have that same lackluster idea of all of the things in Orlando. Staying in a rental home allows you to experience everything you can think of during the day and then come home to a real house. It might sound trivial, but the difference between checking into your hotel room and unlocking your front door is profound. Staying in your own holiday house gives you the freedom and flexibility to vacation exactly the way you want to. You don’t have to go out every day, because let’s be honest, who would ever want to spend time in their hotel room? Maybe you could hang out in the lobby or the onsite restaurant, but then you don’t have any privacy, and there’s no guarantee there are even spaces you can use (or want to use). In a vacation rental by owner, you will have all the space you need. A dining and living room for socializing and relaxing. A fully equipped kitchen to cook as you please. You won’t have to worry about your meals every day cooped up in a hotel room. You have all the freedom in the world to cook, to pack lunch or eat out. A lot of vacation rentals are located within resort communities, some of which have their own restaurants, clubhouses, and cafes within the gated community. Talk about convenience and luxury combined.

You will be shocked at the difference, when you wake up in a king sized bed in your very own vacation rental. There is nothing quite like feeling at home a thousand miles away from home. That’s exactly the feeling that you’ll get from a holiday home or vacation rental in Orlando. Your vacation is all about you so why not set yourself up to have the best summer holiday of all time in a Florida vacation rental.

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