Feeling Blue? Head to a Florida Holiday House!


Summer is half way over, but that’s no reason to get down. There is still plenty of time left to go on a vacation of a lifetime. It’s possible with an Orlando vacation rental. You might think that leaving for a holiday on short notice is too spontaneous, but a villa plus rental is totally possible! Renting a holiday home for a short term rental is possible all year round. There are lots of different properties available, so you’ll never get booked out of a vacation. Plus they are very affordable. You won’t have to worry about clearing out your savings, because vacation rentals by owner are often cheaper than what a hotel would cost you. I know it sounds too good to be true, but you have to take my word for it. Well you don’t have to do anything, but I’d be disappointed if you let the vacation of a lifetime fall through your fingers.

The best time to visit Orlando is during the summer. That is evident by the large number of tourists who book up all of the hotel rooms. So even if you’re lucky enough to find a hotel room for your dates of travel, they will be enormousy expensive. Plus the hotel will be crowded and the staff will have to spread their attention across a larger number of guests, which means who won’t get the best, fastest service. All in all, I would stear clear of hotels during the tourist season. I would stear clear of hotels all together if I could because I know much better vacation rentals can be. Hotels have their merits, but they just can’t compete with everything that comes with a rental home. Especially in Orlando, the value of these rentals is so great, you’d be crazy to try anything else.

It might sound like I’m pressuring you to take a spur of the moment vacation. If that’s the case take a deep breath and then think about why you are reading this blog. If you are already interested in taking a little getaway, then my guess is you are ready for one and probably more than deserving of one. We put so much energy into our careers, our families, and friends, our social obligations and so many other responsibility. Sometimes we need to some to decompress and unconnect from it all. A spur of the moment vacation is completely doable with houses for rent by owner or a vila in Orlando. They are available and they are affordable. Don’t worry, it’s not too good to be true. It just happens to be the best way to vacation. Villa holidays offer the best value. These are large luxury villas that can accommodate a large group for a vacation. They have spacious living and dining areas, plus large screen HD TVs, free wifi, fully equipped kitchens, private pools and spas and outdoor/BBQ areas. Vacation rentals are all different so you can be sure to find one that suits all of your needs any time you are ready to take the vacation of a lifetime.

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