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One of the great things about vacation rentals in Orlando is how close they are to the beach. There are so many beaches in Florida because the state is a peninsula. On the east there is the Atlantic Ocean and to the south and west are the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico. And because Orlando is centrally located, you can access any point fairly easy. Holiday homes are perfect home bases for vacationers who want to enjoy all of the attractions in Orlando, but also want a chance to hit the beach. Because they are so close, you can easily make a day trip out of a beach excursion. Check out our blog post on the best beaches near Orlando. There are more than 10 that are less than an hour away.

Of course the beach isn’t your only option if you’re staying in a holiday home. Rental houses are often part of resort communities where guests have access to olympic, lagoon, and kid pools. There are also spas and hot tubs. The perfect vacation always has options to relax and swim. Orlando is no different. There are so many pools, spas, and outdoor activities because the weather is so nice and the people love to enjoy the water. If you decide to stay in a villa holiday you will most likely have a private pool all to yourself! Can you imagine how much fun you could have on vacation with your own private pool? Could you also imagine a scenario where that would be possible in a hotel? Of course not! Hotel pools are often crowded and their cleanliness is doubtful if not completely murky. There are also often hours of operation and other rules. Vacation isn’t about rules. It’s about fun! It’s also about luxury, which is completely attainable if you stay in a luxury villa or summer rental. The prices on these homes will totally blow you away. You will find prices comparable to a hotel room for some of these rentals. And remember that price is for the entire home!

Then again, if you aren’t totally sold on beaches and pools, there are the fantastic attractions in Orlando. The city is a culinary capital and the food and produce here are unbeatable when it comes to freshness. The metropolitan nature of Orlando and the large immigrant population provide a varied and eclectic dining experience for vacationers. You can also cook for yourself if you stay in a holiday house. All vacation rentals come with fully equipped kitchens that allow you to make your meals whenever you like with whatever groceries you choose. It’s a nice break from eating out especially if you are staying for more than a few days. There is also great shopping in Orlando, where you can find deals on designer brands and some of the most fashionable clothes, accessories, and products. Of course we have to mention the theme parks that have made Orlando such a popular tourist destination. There is Disney World, where you can explore the Magic Kingdom. There is Universal Orlando where you can experience the thrills and chills of the movies. There is Sea World and Epcot, Busch Gardens and Discover Cove. There are so many to choose from you might have to extend your stay in a rental home to explore them all.


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