Vacationing in Orlando in a Holiday Home of Your Very Own!

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I was listening to the radio this morning and the report said that more and more Americans are moving from the suburbs to the city. As a result more and more people are living in apartments as opposed to larger free-standing homes. It also said that an ever-increasing number of people cannot afford large homes like they could in decades past. While that might sound grim, there are a lot of benefits to living in an apartment and to living in the city. The city is where you can find employment, lots of different amenities, good schools, culture, easy travel. And an apartment allows you the freedom of not worrying about your yard, your house maintenance, and little things like trash pickup and salting the walkway.

I think that an ideal vacation is one that takes you away from what you know. And if what you know is city life, cold weather, and an apartment instead of a house, then you are due for a trip down to Orlando or Kissimmee to stay in a vacation rental. There are all sorts of holiday homes and vacations rentals by owner that are available all year round. Right now is a perfect time to visit. Summer vacation is in full swing, the weather is gorgeous, and Florida is calling. Holiday homes allow you escape apartment living and experience what life is like in a home of your very own. Holiday houses and rental homes are available in various sizes, with different accommodations in each and excellent amenities and perks.

When you stay in a vacation rental you can step out of your front door in the morning and breathe refreshing Florida air while you sip a cup of coffee. In case we haven’t already mentioned in previous posts– when you rental a vacation home or villa holiday, you get your very own fully equipped, ready-to-go, gourmet or eat-in kitchen. That means that you can prepare your own meals while on vacation if you’re so inclined. Of course you could just as soon spend the money you save on accommodations on delicious five star dinners. Oh that’s right, a vacation rental or even a luxury villa will run you less than a hotel room, especially if you are traveling in a group. So before you finalize your plans for your vacation this summer, think about where you are right now– and then picture yourself in a large sunny house, lounging by a private pool, eating crab legs at a sleepy beach town, and partying in downtown Orlando. You know what to do.

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