How to Make the Most of a Florida Vacation Rental

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A vacation rental or holiday home is a great first decision for your summer in Orlando. People from all around the world flock to Orlando, Kissimmee, and central Florida for their vacation because of the great weather, delicious food, thriving arts and culture scene, five star resorts & spas, and one of a kind attractions. If that doesn’t sound like an ideal vacation then I don’t know what does. So while everyone in the world might know about what they can find in Florida, not everyone knows about the best way to vacation here. One might think that a hotel is the safest and easiest accommodation that you can find.

However that is not the case when you take vacation rentals by owner and rental homes into account. This option allows you to rent an entire rental home, rental apartment, or luxury villa for the duration of your stay. Think that’s out of your reach? You’d be surprised, but in most situations renting out a Florida villa or holiday home will actually cost you less than staying in a traditional hotel. Aside from the cost saving, there are also a host of benefits that you’ll have access to when you book a holiday house. First of all, you get to use the entire house– that means fully equipped kitchen, multiple bathroom, living areas, and outdoor areas. What hotel has all of that?

So great, you get the house, but you want the hotel amenities like pools, spas, and restaurants. There are quite a lot of holiday homes and rental homes that are located within resort style communities. These gated communities offer their residents and vacationers access to pools, athletic facilities, gyms, spas, restaurants, cafes, game rooms, and sometimes even on site movie theaters. You could spend your entire Florida vacation in a resort community, because of all of the options they have for activities.

That all might sound great to you, but do you feel comfortable renting a house? I mean, you’ve always stayed in hotels and maybe you feel safer with what you know. Maybe it will help to know that vacation rentals were born from the need of vacationers just like you. They provide a higher level of autonomy during your vacation, plus they are a value that is unheard of in any other style of accommodation. These rental homes and luxury villas are impeccably maintained to ensure that every guest has the most enjoyable experience. Plus, their are beautifully decorated for your own aesthetic sensibilities.

So, while you are deciding between a hotel and a holiday home, think about what you’ve read here and ask yourself if you are satisfied with what you know and have come to expect, or if you are ready for something bigger, better, and more fun– a Florida home rental.


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