It’s Not Too Late for Your Orlando Dream Vacation

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Is it really July already? It seems just like yesterday people were salting their driveways and buttoning up their sweaters. But here we are in the middle of summer. I for one am not going to take this great weather for granted; because before you know it, countless pumpkins and turkeys are going to herald the start of fall and we will have to wait another 9 months for the chance to enjoy the beautiful beaches, sipping on ice cold beverages outside, and spending time swimming, playing, shopping all over Orlando!

If you have time off this summer then I would highly suggest coming to Orlando for some quality vacation time. Some people aren’t comfortable taking spur of the moment vacations, but with vacation rentals- it couldn’t be easier. Even though it is high season for tourism in Florida right now, there are still plenty of available holiday homes, rental homes, and luxury villas for you to choose from. One reason why it is easy to book right away is that these rentals are incredibly affordable. It seems almost impossible that you could rent out an entire house for the same price or for cheaper than a hotel room.

Sure there are things that you get in a hotel room that aren’t available in a vacation rental. You don’t have a front desk- but who really needs that now anyways? A concierge is nice, but there are so many online reviews now like Tripadvisor and Yelp that you can almost always find something good to eat and fun to do. And there isn’t 24 hour room service. But let’s be honest, are you really going to miss that $20 hamburger with stale fries? In a Florida villa or vacation homes, you can use the fully equipped kitchen at any time to make just about anything you like. That is incredible flexibility and value especially when you consider how much you will be eating out– it might be nice to make something home cooked to break up all the restaurant dishes.

There is almost always on-site parking, so you won’t have to find a spot in the lot every time you head out. You can drive right to the front door of your vacation rental by owner. There is also parking if you are staying in a rental house or rental apartment located within a resort style community. These communities offer the most amenities for vacationers for a very affordable price. However, don’t think that you’ll be spending your Florida vacation driving everywhere. Most of the house rentals and holiday villas located in Kissimmee and Orlando are very conveniently located. They are near shopping, restaurants, attractions like Disney World and Universal Orlando. You can get anywhere in a matter of minutes and because your home is only a short drive away, you can stay as long or as short as you like and not have to worry about your travel plans everyday.

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