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Vacation for Two in Orlando

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There are a lot of people flocking to Florida this summer to take advantage of all the great things that Orlando has to offer. First, there’s the beautiful weather. The sun and the surf always make for a great day. Orlando is also filled with friendly people (probably all the great weather). There are also a lot of great attractions for every taste. There are museums, theaters, exhibitions, theme parks, and nature paths and parks. So you can see why a lot of people come down to Florida for vacation. However, there is so much to do, it might seem overwhelming to some when it comes to planning an itinerary.

Vacation rentals are great to make a “home base” if you will. Holiday homes and rental houses are very affordable and allow you all the comforts of home for less than the price of a hotel. Holiday homes are either in rental communities, where you can find a host of the amenities that come standard with the cost of the rental. There are also houses for rent by owner. You can find a wide range of houses from small one bedrooms to luxury villas with room for a dozen people or more. Living in a vacation home rental will allow you the flexibility to make your ideal Orlando vacation a reality.

Just as an example I’ve decided to put together a sample vacation day in Orlando for anyone who is looking for ideas:

I like to start the day early, because a Florida sunrise is unbeatable. I would make some coffee in my fully equipped kitchen (holiday homes and rental houses have them). Maybe some fresh squeezed juice and an omelette for breakfast. You will find that you will spend much less money in a house rental than you would in a hotel. Next I would go for a jog or if I had a willing partner, then I would hit the tennis courts that you can play on if you stay in a holiday villa or other Florida rental. I think that vacation is a great time to get in better shape and arrive back home feeling better (mentally, physically, emotionally) than when you left. That’s just me though– you could just as well lounge by the pool with a smoothie. Anyways, on to lunch– I’d like to go to a museum, like the Orlando Museum of Art, which is located in Loch Haven Park. There are other museums there as well so you can have your pick. You can also walk around the lake to the Harry P. Leu Gardens and have a meander around there. I’d then grab a bite to eat for lunch. If you are a (and I am) a heavy planner, then you might get a week pass for an Orlando theme park. If you are interested in Disney, Hollywood Movies, aquatic animals, or thrill rides, then you could visit these theme parks during the course of your stay and save a lot of money. Those passes are also valuable if you have a little time to kill and don’t feel like going back to your holiday house of rental home. Instead you can slide down a dolphin waterslide, explore Hogsmeade, or walk through Cinderella’s Castle. I always find that dinner on vacation translates to the best experience. You can have a good lunch but dinners can be memorable. With the money you save from cooking in your own Florida vacation rental, you can spend a little more at a fantastic dinner in Orlando. There are world class restaurants as Orlando is considered a culinary capital! Then it’s off to bed, back to you rental apartment, holiday home, or luxury villa– whatever you decide!