Vacation For One: Spending Your Summer in a Vacation Rental

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I’m one of those people, who, for the longest time couldn’t see a movie together, or go out to eat alone, or even go shopping without some company. I don’t think I’m a particularly clingy person but something about doing these activities by myself didn’t seem quite right and as a result made me uncomfortable. However, now I find a lot of solace and enjoyment in doing things alone. We are so burdened by our social obligations, social media connections, and our ever-increasing personal and professional expectations, that taking a step back as a single person is a nice change of pace.

In Orlando and Kissimmee, you can find rental apartments which are perfect for a one person getaway. You can stay for a weekend and recharge or you can spend the whole summer in a vacation rental of your very own. While that might sound a little lonesome, there are a lot of things that you can do by yourself in a Florida rental home. You can take some time to unwind and not have to worry about everyone else’s plans. You could also make your time in Orlando a wellness weekend. Spending time in the sun, eating healthy food that you can make in a fully equipped kitchen. I’m thinking fresh squeezed juice and some farm fresh eggs over a bed of sauteed kale– but that’s just me. You can make whatever your heart desires during your vacation.

You could try to reach a sense of spiritual enlightenment, by enrolling in a meditation or yoga course while you’re staying in a rental house. This would be an excellent time for your “me time” because all of the distractions of your regular life would be pushed aside. This solitary time can be one of reflection and relaxation. That’s not to say that you will be alone all the time. There are a lot of great venues in Orlando, where you can meet people. You could even invite friends over to your rental apartment. Because, let’s be honest, vacation also has to be fun. You can have your quiet, solitary, reflective time in the morning and then enjoy some amazing Orlando attractions and amusement, then you can meet up with friends for nighttime fun on the town. Thankfully, rental homes and rental houses are conveniently located near Orlando, so you will never have to worry about transportation being an issue while you’re here on vacation.

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As a Reservations Manager, I've grown to love the experience of making your vacation become the best vacation in your new home away from home! It's been a pleasure working to make your vacation a great one whether it being a short break or family getaway, I strive to make your experience not only a great one but the best one!

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