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Feeling Blue? Head to a Florida Holiday House!


Summer is half way over, but that’s no reason to get down. There is still plenty of time left to go on a vacation of a lifetime. It’s possible with an Orlando vacation rental. You might think that leaving for a holiday on short notice is too spontaneous, but a villa plus rental is totally possible! Renting a holiday home for a short term rental is possible all year round. There are lots of different properties available, so you’ll never get booked out of a vacation. Plus they are very affordable. You won’t have to worry about clearing out your savings, because vacation rentals by owner are often cheaper than what a hotel would cost you. I know it sounds too good to be true, but you have to take my word for it. Well you don’t have to do anything, but I’d be disappointed if you let the vacation of a lifetime fall through your fingers.

The best time to visit Orlando is during the summer. That is evident by the large number of tourists who book up all of the hotel rooms. So even if you’re lucky enough to find a hotel room for your dates of travel, they will be enormousy expensive. Plus the hotel will be crowded and the staff will have to spread their attention across a larger number of guests, which means who won’t get the best, fastest service. All in all, I would stear clear of hotels during the tourist season. I would stear clear of hotels all together if I could because I know much better vacation rentals can be. Hotels have their merits, but they just can’t compete with everything that comes with a rental home. Especially in Orlando, the value of these rentals is so great, you’d be crazy to try anything else.

It might sound like I’m pressuring you to take a spur of the moment vacation. If that’s the case take a deep breath and then think about why you are reading this blog. If you are already interested in taking a little getaway, then my guess is you are ready for one and probably more than deserving of one. We put so much energy into our careers, our families, and friends, our social obligations and so many other responsibility. Sometimes we need to some to decompress and unconnect from it all. A spur of the moment vacation is completely doable with houses for rent by owner or a vila in Orlando. They are available and they are affordable. Don’t worry, it’s not too good to be true. It just happens to be the best way to vacation. Villa holidays offer the best value. These are large luxury villas that can accommodate a large group for a vacation. They have spacious living and dining areas, plus large screen HD TVs, free wifi, fully equipped kitchens, private pools and spas and outdoor/BBQ areas. Vacation rentals are all different so you can be sure to find one that suits all of your needs any time you are ready to take the vacation of a lifetime.

Orlando Vacation Homes Are Waiting for You!

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So you’ve been thinking about a vacation in Orlando? If you’re reading this blog then there’s a high chance you’ve been thinking about a vacation rental. Perhaps you’ve rented a holiday home before or maybe you know someone who told you about a great experience they had. Well you are on the right path if you’re looking for an amazing, affordable, unforgettable vacation. Orlando and Kissimmee are great cities to visit and a holiday home or rental house are the best options when it comes to accommodations. Vacation houses allow to keep all of the comforts of home while enjoying all of the incredible things that Orlando has to offer.

You would be surprised at how affordable an entire house is to rent. You can often find a multiple bedroom home that costs less than a hotel room per night. That of course doesn’t even take into consideration the cost of an extra hotel room for parties of 4 or more. Two hotels during the summer can run up a huge bill. One must also consider the extra cost associated with eating out and room service. Because you can’t cook any of your meals in a hotel room you will be forced to go to restaurants, which can be nice for a while, but when you eat out for every meal your wallet and your waistline will start to feel the effects. With a villa plus or holiday home, you can cook some of your meals in your fully-equipped kitchen and then save your money for a really special night out. There are so many restaurants to choose from in Orlando, you could go out every night for weeks and never run out of options. I’m of the opinion that dinners have the potential to be more special than breakfast or lunch. Therefore I often save my restaurants trips for dinner and cook breakfast and lunch at home. You can find a combination that works for you and for your budget and your own preferences.

That’s the great thing about house rentals and villa holidays. They provide so much flexibility when it comes to your vacation. They offer a great value so you don’t need to feel pressured into spending everyday out and about exploring non-stop. You can vacation at your own pace, which I think is important to accomplishing the relaxation necessary on most vacations. You can spend a day in your rental home, and then the next day you can go out for a little bit, maybe to a museum or a park. And then of course, when you feel like it you can spend the entire day at the beach or at theme park. There is no wrong way to vacation, and holiday homes make anything possible for everyone in your group. A vacation rental is the best way to vacation for a lot of reasons. They are available all year round. When hotel prices skyrocket in the summer, you will be able to find reasonable rates. They provide so much more than a hotel and they will give you the ability to enjoy your vacation exactly the way that suits you best.

Orlando Vacation Homes for Everyone!


A classic vacation experience is possible in Orlando. Some people equate Florida to elderly people in retirement homes and spring breakers on the beach, however the city is much more metropolitan and grown-up than most people assume. It is by no means stuck up though. You will see adults enjoying The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and all of the parks at Disney World. Adults splashing around in the pools and spas found all over Orlando will be a common sight. So yes, vacation in Orlando is fun, but it can also be refined. There is world class dining and shopping. There is a thriving art and theatre scene. Orlando mixes so many different types of attractions so there is always something for everyone no matter what your interests are.

Vacation rentals allow you to experience all of the great things in Orlando. The homes themselves are beautifully decorated and impeccably maintained. Many people end up spending a lot of time in and around their rental home because they can relax and enjoy their time in a quiet and tranquil way. The houses offer spacious living and dining areas where you can read, write, watch TV, get some work done with free Wifi. If you are traveling in a group then the fully-equipped kitchen that you’ll find in your holiday house will be perfect for making brunch. You can have a relaxed morning in the eat-in kitchen talking and unwinding. Of course there are are also quite a few amenities outside the vacation rental. Holiday homes are often located within resort communities. These communities have a lot of facilities to share like pools, spas, gyms, athletic facilities and much, much more. You could spend weeks trying out everything they have to offer. However, many people come to Orlando specifically with a theme park in mind.

These parks have different attractions like animal exhibitions, roller coasters and rides, interactive features, stunning design and great shopping and dining. The kids will have a blast exploring the parks and you can let you inner kid come out too and join them on the rides and attractions. Most Florida villa and vacation home rentals are located just a few minutes from the park gates. You’ll be able to visit whenever you like and if you are a savvy vacationer then you might invest in a park pass that allows you multiple visits at great savings. Because you’ll be so close you won’t have any trouble with traffic and because you have your own parking at your holiday home, you can drive right up to your door when you’re done for the day. I always recommend a soak in the hot tub and a dip in the pool after a day at the Orlando theme parks. Which is a great example of how Orlando can appeal to everyone and to the different interests each person has. You can scream at the top of a rollercoaster in the morning and by night you can relax by the pool with a glass of wine. There is something for everyone, especially if you book a vacation rental home in Orlando.

Vacation Home Beach Holidays

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One of the great things about vacation rentals in Orlando is how close they are to the beach. There are so many beaches in Florida because the state is a peninsula. On the east there is the Atlantic Ocean and to the south and west are the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico. And because Orlando is centrally located, you can access any point fairly easy. Holiday homes are perfect home bases for vacationers who want to enjoy all of the attractions in Orlando, but also want a chance to hit the beach. Because they are so close, you can easily make a day trip out of a beach excursion. Check out our blog post on the best beaches near Orlando. There are more than 10 that are less than an hour away.

Of course the beach isn’t your only option if you’re staying in a holiday home. Rental houses are often part of resort communities where guests have access to olympic, lagoon, and kid pools. There are also spas and hot tubs. The perfect vacation always has options to relax and swim. Orlando is no different. There are so many pools, spas, and outdoor activities because the weather is so nice and the people love to enjoy the water. If you decide to stay in a villa holiday you will most likely have a private pool all to yourself! Can you imagine how much fun you could have on vacation with your own private pool? Could you also imagine a scenario where that would be possible in a hotel? Of course not! Hotel pools are often crowded and their cleanliness is doubtful if not completely murky. There are also often hours of operation and other rules. Vacation isn’t about rules. It’s about fun! It’s also about luxury, which is completely attainable if you stay in a luxury villa or summer rental. The prices on these homes will totally blow you away. You will find prices comparable to a hotel room for some of these rentals. And remember that price is for the entire home!

Then again, if you aren’t totally sold on beaches and pools, there are the fantastic attractions in Orlando. The city is a culinary capital and the food and produce here are unbeatable when it comes to freshness. The metropolitan nature of Orlando and the large immigrant population provide a varied and eclectic dining experience for vacationers. You can also cook for yourself if you stay in a holiday house. All vacation rentals come with fully equipped kitchens that allow you to make your meals whenever you like with whatever groceries you choose. It’s a nice break from eating out especially if you are staying for more than a few days. There is also great shopping in Orlando, where you can find deals on designer brands and some of the most fashionable clothes, accessories, and products. Of course we have to mention the theme parks that have made Orlando such a popular tourist destination. There is Disney World, where you can explore the Magic Kingdom. There is Universal Orlando where you can experience the thrills and chills of the movies. There is Sea World and Epcot, Busch Gardens and Discover Cove. There are so many to choose from you might have to extend your stay in a rental home to explore them all.


Taking a Vacation Rental for a Spin

There is no vacation quite like an Orlando summer holiday! There is so much to do and so much to see. The weather is beautiful, the food is delicious, and the shopping is fabulous. It’s no wonder that Orlando is a vacation capital of the world. People from all over the world come to visit. The majority of them stay in hotels, but those who know the best held secret in the vacation world will stay in a house rental or rental villa in Orlando or Kissimmee. Hotels are expensive and crowded. Why would you want to rent a single room for several hundred dollars when you can rent an entire holiday home for the same price? When you take into account separate rooms for larger groups, the extra money you spend on eating out,  and the hassle of a cramped and messy hotel room, it’s a no brainer to check out vacation rentals.

Vacation rentals are available all year round for any size group. There are apartment rentals that are perfect for a couple. Holiday homes can house an entire family with a fully equipped kitchen, living room, outdoor spaces, and other amazing perks. If you are travelling in a large group, or even thinking about a family reunion, then a villa plus or any Florida villa offering makes perfect sense for your vacation needs. You can experience all of the comforts of home while enjoying all of the amazing attractions you can find in central Florida. Most of the vacation rentals by owner are located conveniently near all of the best theme parks, shopping, dining, and other fun. Some vacation rentals are also located within resort style communities, which offer a host of amenities and perks for their vacationers. Aside from the quiet and safety of a gated community, you will be able to enjoy everything that the community has to offer its members. There is an unlimited amount of fun to be had when you stay in a Florida vacation rental.

Holiday houses are the economical and smart way to vacation in Orlando. Don’t be fooled though. The great price doesn’t mean we’ve skimped on the details. These houses are impeccably maintained, beautifully decorated and have everything that you would need during your vacation. Holiday homes allow you to experience your vacation your way. They also save you money, which you can spend on other parts of your vacation that really matter to you. Rental homes offer a great value. You can enjoy staying in the holiday house, experiencing all there is in the resort community, and exploring the amazing attractions in Orlando. So before you decide to stay home this summer, and before you choose a hotel for your vacation, think about all you can get with a rental home in Orlando. There is no better way to stay in Florida. Once you stay in your first vacation rental, you will realize how much better vacationing can be. So book today! There are still holiday homes available for the summer, but time is short!

Best Holiday in an Orlando Vacation Rental

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Many people are coming to Orlando this summer. They are arriving from all over the world. Most of them will end up staying in hotels. While I enjoy a nice hotel stay– I can’t imagine staying in a hotel during a vacation, especially for more than a few days and especially not with a group. I’m not a travel diva by any means, at least I don’t think of myself as high maintenance. But when it comes to vacation I think I have the right to be particular. Vacation should be enjoyable and fun and if you are cramped into a hotel room with your group for several days, the stress of confinement, the imminent pile of dirty clothes slowly merging into a tangled mess of everything you brought on the trip. Plus, imagine sharing one bathroom with four people. It might be possible at home, but on vacation, when everyone is on the same schedule– you’ll have to take write up a schedule to make sure everyone gets ready on time.

So I will end that rant here, but don’t think I won’t offer a solution to what I describe. Vacation rentals allow you to have the freedom you experience in your own home while staying in Orlando, Kissimmee, or around central Florida. Holiday homes are available all year long. During the summer they are an incredible deal. Hotel prices skyrocket and they often overbooked and crowded. However vacation rental by owner properties are economical and make the most sense for just about any vacationer. If you are staying more than a few days, then a holiday home may be perfect for you. If you are staying a longer time then I would highly suggest a rental home. They provide all the comforts of home for the same price as a hotel room. And they offer so much more.

A holiday house in Orlando is located close to shopping, dining, attractions, theme parks, museums, parks, and landmarks. That makes day trips easy and affordable. However, there is just as much to do in and around your villa holiday or vacation rental. A lot of people won’t believe it until they try a villa select or rent by owner property. It’s hard to communicate the great value that vacationers enjoy when they stay in Orlando vacation homes. A house rental is by far the best way to stay. It also just gives your time in Orlando a more grounded feeling. Sometimes staying in a hotel can be a little bit surreal– like you are there but sort of in an intermediate limbo that is vacation. It’s like you’re not really a part of the place that you’re visiting. However, stay in a vacation home rental and you can blend right into the community while enjoying all of the amazing things to do, see, shop, eat, and play in Orlando. A rental home may sound like a responsibility to some, but it is all about relaxation. There is no pressure involved, you can use the home like it is your own. It’s a foreign concept to a lot of people who stay in hotels, but once you stay in your first Florida villa or holiday house, you will be a believer.

Staying Active in a Florida Holiday Home

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For some people, staying active just isn’t in our priorities. We have our careers, our families, friends and other obligations that all seem to take a forefront in our lives. And even if we do have time after accomplishing all that we need to do everyday, then we usually don’t have the energy to exercise. And with our hectic schedules it’s often difficult to eat right. The easy option is not necessarily the healthiest option. As a result, we take great care of everything and everyone else, but our bodies.

I think that vacation is prime time to relax and take care of some of neglected parts of our life, largely our own health. Vacation rentals offer a great way to enjoy your vacation but also get some well deserved relaxation, exercise, and healthy eating. A holiday home will be like your “home base” for getting your health back on track. By the time you return home, you will feel like a new person!

For starters you don’t have to feel guilty about renting a luxury villa. Holiday rentals are so inexpensive that you can stay for weeks without breaking the bank. Hotel rooms will cost you a fortune, but a holiday home is affordable for just about anyone. I think it’s important to realize that being healthy involves your mental health. As everyone can realize, your financial situation can have severe consequences on your mental well-being. A rental home that won’t set you back is a great way to start getting on track mentally and physically.

The great weather in Orlando during the summer, means that you can be outdoors and active any day you like. There are also so many different way to exercise. There are the great beaches that are close to holiday homes and rental homes in Orlando and Kissimmee. You can swim or jog along the beach. Just don’t forget your sunscreen! There are also amazing nature preserves with great walks and hikes. Some of the resort communities that have house rentals and holiday apartments have their own private nature trails for a morning jog or walk.

There are also a great number of golf courses in central Florida. You can golf to your heart’s content because they are conveniently located near house rentals and holiday homes. Some of these rentals will also have access to private gyms, pools, tennis, basketball, and volleyball courts. You will have so many different opportunities to get in shape. You might even make some friends in the process.

Vacation rentals also have their own fully equipped kitchens. People who stay in hotels are forced to eat out or get room service for all of their meals. Not only is that incredibly expensive over the course of a couple days. You also end up eating much more and less healthy. Restaurant food is so much heavier than home cooked and your options are limited. With a fully equipped kitchen you can make delicious, fresh food for your breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can save your money and calories for a nice meal out. Your wallet will thank you and you’ll be much healthier and happier after staying in an Orlando holiday house.

Get to Know Holiday Home Rentals

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Vacationing in Florida may seem like a spring breaker activity for those on the east coast. For people farther west, it may seem to far for a feasible vacation. And for some people, who’ve visited before, know that Florida, especially Orlando, is accessible, exciting, refined, and fun. Some people are also resigned to the idea of staying in a hotel room. Maybe it’s because it’s what we have always done. And maybe it’s because booking a room is done with relative ease, through one of the many hotel sites and apps. However, if that’s your excuse for booking a hotel room then you should know about vacation rentals. They are the best way to vacation in Orlando, Kissimmee, or around Florida.

Holiday homes allow you to vacation like a local. And by that I mean that you can experience all of the great attractions that you can find in Orlando, while enjoying the perks of being a “resident.” There is a lot of freedom that comes with staying in a vacation rental by owner. You can arrive and leave when you like. There is parking available right next to your front door. You no longer will have to cruise the parking lot looking for a space at the farthest corner, only to have to haul your luggage all the way back to your hotel room. You won’t even have to wait in line to check in or check out. Your holiday home is all yours for the duration of your stay. And with the prices that you’ll find on our site, you may find yourself staying a little longer than expected.

There are so many different villas and rental homes available for your vacation. They come in all shapes and sizes and are found around Orlando and Kissimmee, in prime locations. They are quiet and secluded, but at the same time are found near all of the best attractions, shopping, dining, beaches, shows, museums, and more. Many of these holiday villas and rental apartments are found within resort communities. These are gated resort style communities that offer their residents and vacationers the ultimate experience when it comes to Florida vacations. Villa select rentals may have everything when it comes to amenities and perks, like private pools and spas, king-sized beds, large HD TVs, wifi, and beautiful, large, decorated, living and dining rooms.

However, even if you decide to stay in a small holiday home or condo rental, then you will still have access to all the community amenities. These include but are not limited to large pools, lagoon and olympic, nature areas, athletic and sports facilities, gyms, clubhouses, game rooms, cafes, restaurants, and much, much more. You could spend all day in the resort community, because there are so many different things to do. You can also split your time between your holiday house, the resort community, and the amazing attractions in Orlando. So what are you waiting for? Hotels may be the status quo, but vacation rentals offer so much more for such a great price. Once you try your first holiday home, you’ll never want to stay in a hotel again.

It’s Not Too Late for Your Orlando Dream Vacation

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An ideal vacation for me is one that is relatively stress free. Unfortunately though it seems like most vacations take a lot of planning, time, and effort. And then when you get there, what you plan doesn’t work out and you end up with a bunch more stress and disappointment. And that’s not what vacation should be about. It should be fun, relaxing, and rejuvenating and you can get all of that when you are worried about what you’ve planned, if the day isn’t going just how you imagined. So let’s think of a new way to vacation that will have you sinking into your poolside lounge chair, screaming at the top of a rollercoaster, sipping a drink on the beach, and wishing you could stay forever.

A vacation rental in Orlando is the first start on this path to vacation enlightenment. I like holiday homes because they offer you autonomy in your vacation. Another great reason why I’d like to stay in a vacation rental by owner is that they aren’t expensive. I find that when I’m doling out big bucks for a hotel room, my stress level goes up and it’s like I need to be having a great time else, I am wasting my vacation time and my money. But with a holiday home, your baseline price is so low, that you can’t help but feel relaxed. You can travel alone or with a huge group of people or any number in between. You are still sure to find a great villa holiday or holiday house at a great price– far better than any hotel room and with so much more to offer!

So like I said, the price already takes a huge load off my vacation conscious. When you stay in a Florida villa, you are the master of your vacation. You can go out every day and explore the attractions, shopping, dining, and everything else that Orlando has to offer. But you can also stay in, and not have to feel guilty. Can you imagine spending a day in your hotel room? That is totally unheard of especially in sunny Orlando. But in a Florida vacation home, you can have an entire vacation in your vacation rental. The rooms are large, there is a kitchen, and living room. It is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy some delicious home prepared food. You can even spend time outdoors if your luxury villa has a private pool and spa. If not you can head to the community pool, spa, clubhouse, tennis courts… the list goes on and on with what you can do.

Another great idea if you are travelling in a group, is that you can split up with relative ease. Sometimes, it’s hard to find something that everyone wants to do. Well, in a vacation rental, some people can leave early to visit some of the many museums you’ll find in Orlando. The other people can wake up later and make breakfast in the fully equipped kitchen. Then they can go to Disney World for the day or one of the many other theme parks. And then some of the other people can wake up after them and spend the day by the pool or playing tennis. Vacation house living offers so many different possibilities for your vacation. So remember it’s not worth sweating the small stuff. Your ideal vacation starts with a rental home in Orlando.

Vacationing in Orlando in a Holiday Home of Your Very Own!

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I was listening to the radio this morning and the report said that more and more Americans are moving from the suburbs to the city. As a result more and more people are living in apartments as opposed to larger free-standing homes. It also said that an ever-increasing number of people cannot afford large homes like they could in decades past. While that might sound grim, there are a lot of benefits to living in an apartment and to living in the city. The city is where you can find employment, lots of different amenities, good schools, culture, easy travel. And an apartment allows you the freedom of not worrying about your yard, your house maintenance, and little things like trash pickup and salting the walkway.

I think that an ideal vacation is one that takes you away from what you know. And if what you know is city life, cold weather, and an apartment instead of a house, then you are due for a trip down to Orlando or Kissimmee to stay in a vacation rental. There are all sorts of holiday homes and vacations rentals by owner that are available all year round. Right now is a perfect time to visit. Summer vacation is in full swing, the weather is gorgeous, and Florida is calling. Holiday homes allow you escape apartment living and experience what life is like in a home of your very own. Holiday houses and rental homes are available in various sizes, with different accommodations in each and excellent amenities and perks.

When you stay in a vacation rental you can step out of your front door in the morning and breathe refreshing Florida air while you sip a cup of coffee. In case we haven’t already mentioned in previous posts– when you rental a vacation home or villa holiday, you get your very own fully equipped, ready-to-go, gourmet or eat-in kitchen. That means that you can prepare your own meals while on vacation if you’re so inclined. Of course you could just as soon spend the money you save on accommodations on delicious five star dinners. Oh that’s right, a vacation rental or even a luxury villa will run you less than a hotel room, especially if you are traveling in a group. So before you finalize your plans for your vacation this summer, think about where you are right now– and then picture yourself in a large sunny house, lounging by a private pool, eating crab legs at a sleepy beach town, and partying in downtown Orlando. You know what to do.

There’s Still Time for a Florida Villa Holiday

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Wow! Where did July go? It seems like only yesterday we were marking the summer solstice and now were are well into the summer season. Lots of people have already gone on their summer vacation. Some of them have already returned home. Though you haven’t missed your window for an amazing Florida villa holiday. There are tons of different options when it comes to vacation rentals and holiday homes. It’s true that the summer season is the busiest in Orlando and Kissimmee, but with so many different rental homes to choose from, you are bound to find the perfect rental for you and your group.

And when we say group that could be a couple, a group of friends, or even a large family. Holiday homes come in all different shapes and sizes and can accommodate two people cozily but up to fourteen people with lots of space to spare. Think about how much hotel rooms would cost for a group that big? And how cramped they would feel. With a Florida villa, you can experience the height of luxury and share that experience with everyone in your group for less than the price of a hotel room. Plus there are endless benefits to staying in a vacation rental or holiday rental.

First there is the space issue. If you are spending more than a few days in a hotel room, it can get a little messy and a little stuffy. Especially if you are staying with a group, a camped hotel room isn’t the way I see my ideal vacation starting out. In a luxury villa you will have all the space you need, plus living and dining rooms, and outdoor areas. Some of them eve come with a private pool and jacuzzi. If you aren’t staying in a rental that includes those, then you will probably still have access to the community pools, spas, and clubs. Most of the rentals listed on the site are found within resort communities that give their members and renters access to fabulous, five-star, world-class amenities and perks. There are clubs, playrooms, athletic facilities, restaurants, cafes, even movie theatres. There are so many things to do within the resort-style community that you could spend all your time in your vacation rental and within the gated community.

Some people enjoy that type of vacation thoroughly– I know I do. It can be so relaxing and rejuvenating to eat well, exercise, and take it slow for a couple days. Then again, it’s hard to resist the amazing attractions that are found just minutes from these vacationrentals. Villa holidays and holiday houses are conveniently found near all of Orlando’s best downtown shopping, dining, museums, shows, and theme parks. There is something for everyone in Orlando. Rental homes in resort communities offer a lot, but there is no comparison when it comes to vacation metropolis that is Orlando. If you do decide to come to stay in a vacation rental or rental home, then be sure to take enough time to enjoy all of the exciting and fun things Florida has to offer.

Driving Your Way to a Florida Vacation Home

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I think that the road and the automobile are intrinsically linked to the American spirit. There is something about the freedom to explore the highways that connect every American city together. Which is just one more great reason why you should visit Florida for your vacation this summer. Orlando and Kissimmee lie at the very end of a fantastic road trip. You can drive from wherever you live to a beautiful vacation rental. There are endless things to see and do on the way and even more things that wait for you here. Orlando and Kissimmee are perfect vacation cities and offer everything you could want during your holiday.

Holiday homes and rental homes are becoming more and more popular for many different reasons. One of them is that almost all vacation home rentals have their own parking on site. I know that might sound like a given for a vacation, but during the crowded tourist season, hotel parking lots fill up fast. You shouldn’t have to spend your well-deserved holiday time driving around, looking for a parking spot– not to mention walking from the farthest corner of the lot to your hotel room. With a holiday home you can drive right up to the front door and make sure that you spend your time doing the things that you love.

If you do decide to make a road trip out of the first part of your vacation, then you may not want to be driving after you arrive in Florida. Another great thing about rental home and Florida villas is that they are located conveniently next to all the great shopping, dining, entertainment, and attractions that Orlando has to offer. There are so many things to do and so many things to see, that everyone, no matter what their interests will be sure to have a great time. If you get the opportunity to drive down to Orlando or Kissimmee, you will be shocked at all the goings-on. There are museums, parks, attractions, shows, beaches, nature areas… the list goes on and on. Because holiday houses and Florida villas are so close to all of that, you won’t spend all your time in traffic. Plus, if you ever want to come home during the day, you are only a few minutes away. That is perfect for people who want to make lunch at home. They can have their breakfast and then head out for the morning for some fun vacation activities. Then they can return home to make lunch and maybe unwind a little. All of that is possible with holiday homes and holiday houses, because they come with fully-equipped kitchens. Some villa holidays even have private pools, where you can relax after a morning on the town. After lunch you can go back out for the day or party in downtown Orlando. And again when you are ready to come home, you can avoid the traffic because you will be so close or easily take a taxi after partying.