Orlando Vacation Homes: The Road Less Traveled

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It might just be me, but the beaten path is often a little flat and boring and overrated. And that’s not to say that some paths aren’t worth taking. I mean the Eiffel Tower is maybe one of the most visited sites in the world and it took my breath away. The same concept goes for vacations. The standard hotel is nice. It has everything you expect, which is great except that when everything is expected it’s not exactly exciting. And if you’re like me, vacations should be a little exciting. Doing something new is always at the top my list especially when we are talking about vacations.

Now renting a holiday home or vacation rental is probably new for a lot of people– even though it is becoming more well-known recently. While hotels are very generic, you can find a wide range of properties for rent in Orlando and Kissimmee. From the smallest cutest rental apartment to the most lavish and amenity filled luxury villa, there is something for everyone and there is something different in each rental.

Holiday homes are great because of the range of amenities you’ll be able to find. Even in the most basic vacation rentals, you’ll often have a kitchen and living space included with your bedrooms. In more expensive holiday homes you might find things like granite countertops and eat-in kitchens, HD TVs, and outdoor space. In the nicest luxury villas and rental condos you will most likely have king size beds, private pool and spa and access to gyms, golf courses, basketball, tennis, and volleyball courts and a host of other perks. How many hotels can boast all of that plus room for 14 guests? A luxury hotel like that would cost an arm and a leg, but luxury rentals are affordable and accessible.

Rental homes are a great but often overlooked option for vacationers. Most people opt for hotels because they are easy to book and they generally have everything you need during your vacation, but why would you stick with the status quo when there is something much better out there? Villa plus, holiday homes, vacation rental by owner, and condo rentals are all options that give you so much more for much less. Vacationing in a holiday home or villa rental gives you so much more freedom to experience what you want when you want while you are in Orlando or Kissimmee. The great location also lets you take day trips or visit attractions. Plus you’ll be thankful for all the money you save. Who knows, you might be able to take two vacations this year!

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