10 Date Ideas For Your Friday Night: Heat Things Up With Your Vacation Rental

10 Date Ideas For Your Friday Night: Heat Things Up With Your Vacation Rental


We’ve talked a lot about families at our vacation homes and rental homes in Orlando and Kissimmee. But we know that all sorts of people, not just families visit Florida and spend time in rental condos and rental villas. There are lots of family friendly things to do in Florida, but if you are looking for a more adult trip, here are some ideas that you a loved one or you and a friend can do together.

  1. We’ve suggested before taking a spa day in the comfort of your own rental house, which come with private jacuzzis and pools. But you can leave your relaxation to the professionals if you head to the Grand Bohemian Hotel’s Poseidon Spa, where you can enjoy a couple’s spa treatment. Then you can head to hotel’s restaurant The Boheme for a truly indulgent experience.
  2. If you are thinking of a more conservative and laid back date, you can stop by and try all of the offerings of Orlando’s foodtrucks. There are monthly and weekly gatherings of these trucks which offer some fantastic cuisine for very reasonable prices. This is perfect for last minute date nights, where don’t really feel like cooking in your rental condo or holiday villa (which can come with fully-equipped kitchens). Check out www.thedailycity.com/p/orlando-food-trucks.html for more information about Orlando’s trucks.
  3. You can hire a personal chef for the night and never leave the comfort of your own rental house’s living room. Leave the work to professional chefs who will come in and make you a fantastic dinner. You can book your own at http://www.letmychefbeyours.com/ . You can even invite over some friends and really dazzle them with the chef’s excellent cuisine.
  4. Picnic lunches are really underrated in my opinion. Packing up some of your favorite foods and a blanket sounds a little provincial, but Orlando is the perfect place to enjoy the sunny outdoors while lunching. Head to the Albin Polasek Museum and Sculpture Garden, lunch basket in tow. Wine is even allowed in the garden!
  5. Go see a show that you ordinarily wouldn’t be able to watch. You can see the Blue Man Group or Cirque de Soleil perform in Orlando.
  6. You can reserve a private boat to watch the Disney Fireworks. Pricing is by the hour, and can be a little steep, but think about how romantic watching a fireworks show would be from the calm waters Bay Lake.
  7. You can go Jazz Tastings for wine and small plates while listening to live music. There are only a dozen tables, so the setting is very intimate. Chatting is discouraged while the band is playing, but you can be sure that the regional rotating groups will deliver.
  8. If you are in the mood for some laughs you can watch comedy TV at your vacation rental or your luxury condo, but you can do that anywhere! Head to Improv for a live comedy show. Tickets start at $17 and they also serve dinner.
  9. You can take a romantic trip to the Ice Factory ice skating rink. If you aren’t afraid of a couple slips, you can get close to you companion by trying to stay on your skates. Look at http://www.icefactory.com/ for schedules.
  10. Go wine tasting! There are many venues where you can taste wine with your date, but head to the Wine Room on Park Avenue. You can take a wine class and brush up on your viticulture knowledge or just do a regular tasting and listen to information from the professionals. If you get a little peckish, there are also cheese offerings.


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