Useful Travel Tips for When you Rent a Vacation Home

Useful Travel Tips for When you Rent a Vacation Home 


  1. If you feel like skipping the airline baggage fees and waiting for eternity at the carousel, just pack a carry-on with your essentials. Be sure to limit your liquids to the required amount and leave any restricted items at home. When you arrive at your rental home or vacation house, buy some of the necessities that you couldn’t bring with you– like toothpaste, sunscreen, shampoo, etc. With so many vacation homes and rental condos having washers and dryers you won’t need to pack a whole lot of clothing. And who knows, with all the great shopping in Orlando and in central Florida, you might just have to buy a suitcase to haul all your new digs back home.
  2. Look up attraction and park passes, entertainment tickets, and event schedules before you leave. You might be able to snag a week pass for Disney, or get a LYNX pass for public transit. If you get a good idea about what is available during your stay and what falls within your budget, then you can plan all your activities and have plenty of time left over to relax by the pool or release some stress from work at the tennis courts.
  3. Because you are most likely going to be spending time at the beach and at pools, both within your resort community and around Orlando (like Dolphin Swims at SeaWorld), you should bring a bathing suit that you feel comfortable in. You will want something durable and something that you can rinse out every night after you use it. Some bathing suits have liners that need to air-dry, which means that if it’s still wet the next day you’ll have to suffer through a cold, clammy suit until you hit the water again.
  4. Buy foods that you like and will eat. Many rental apartments and vacation villas have fully equipped kitchens, which means that you can cook whenever you feel like it. That being said you should stick to meals that don’t require any bulk purchases. I like to buy just enough ingredients for one or two meals, that way there is no waste. I also like to look up one pot or one pan meals to reduce the number of dishes I have to clean, when I could be relaxing instead.
  5. If you have really good planning skills, you could have certain items delivered to your rental property for when you arrive. If you know you’ll want certain products or foods in advance, you can order them on amazon and have them delivered to the house, which saves you a trip or two during your vacation.
  6. Don’t be afraid to explore the community. There are many attractions around Orlando that make it so appealing to tourists from all over the world. That doesn’t mean however that you need to be a tourist the whole time. There are a lot of beach towns and other sites worth visiting that are further off the beaten path. Who knows, you might even find your next vacation destination in another city in Florida.



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