Find Your Perfect Condo Rental


Find Your Perfect Condo Rental


While many vacationers stay in hotels, travelers in the know will often stay in rental properties. These range from luxury villas in resort communities to small rental homes near the beach. However, there is another option that is often overlooked: the condo rental. Condos offer most of the same amenities of villa and home rentals. For about $100 you can rent a condo that sleeps up to 6 people.

The Island Club community includes some condo units among the spacious and luxurious villas. The community includes a pool, volleyball and tennis courts, shuffleboard, playground, gym, and arcade. Located in a quiet community of Kissimmee, the properties are less than 5 miles from Disney World. There are also nearby shopping, parks, dining, entertainment, and other attractions. Staying in a vacation condo you get to experience all of the perks of the resort community for a fraction of the price. That doesn’t mean of course that you will forgo the perks of the luxury villas. The condos at the Island Club include Large HD TVs, fully equipped kitchens, and WiFi.


Another community Club Cortile includes condo vacation rentals. These condos boast open floor plans which means the whole group can spend time together comfortably and enjoy a party atmosphere every night, with security and privacy. These condos also include fully equipped kitchens and laundry rooms. This community is near all of Orlando’s most popular attractions like LegoLand, SeaWorld, Disney, and Universal Studios. Aquatica and Discovery Cove are also just a few minutes by car.

Rental condos are a great option over rental home and rental villas because they include most if not all of the amenities of luxury rentals for a fraction of the price. They are perfect for vacationers who are more interested in spending the day out and about. If you aren’t too interested in relaxing by the pool or staying in for a movie, then a condo might be your best option. It provides the location, the amenities if you want them, for the right price.

I lived in a condo for about a year and while it was definitely a change from the larger houses I was used to, it was also freeing in a sense. Less space meant that I needed less stuff. And by only keeping the necessities I found that I was able to prioritize my space and my time and my life better. A smaller condo might have the same effect on vacationers who will be more eager to spend time outdoors and enjoy their vacation to the fullest. I think that while luxury has its merits, simplicity is often overrated. So if you want to get to the barebones of a vacation, a condo could help you experience Florida and give you a new view on life back home.

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