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Luxury Vacation Rentals

Luxury Vacation Rentals


There are lot of ways to vacation for cheap. You can get a lot for a little when you rent a vacation home. However, there is a whole spectrum within the rental house market. You get get small rental apartments and vacation condos within resort communities. You can get full size rental houses or large luxury villas. You can even get houses for rent by owner. One of the great things about vacation rentals is the price generally always stays within a reasonable range, while the amenities can range quite a bit themselves. Today we’ll be talking about luxury villas and other luxury options for you on your vacation, by highlighting some of the options that are out there.

First we have:

This large vacation home is located in the Crystal Cove Resort. It can sleep an astonishing 14 guests a night. It has a fully equipped kitchen and an HD TV. Also included are an exercise room, gated entry, community pool, and beautifully landscaped scenery. Perhaps the crowning glory of this community is the 5 acre lake around which the properties were built. This is a perfect getaway for a large group. The amenities and the natural beauty of the resort are sure you leave you relaxed, reenergized, and ready to come back for your next vacation.

Next we have:

This is also another large single standing vacation house, just a short drive from Disney. It has easy access to all of Central Florida’s best attractions, shopping, and restaurants. If you feel like it, you can stay home and relax by the private pool or the BBQ area. Aside from the house, there are many other amenities to keep you occupied and content. There is a club house, heating swimming pool, lagoon pool, saunas, spas, fitness center, game rooms, tennis courts, tiki bar (you’ll know where to find me), a grill and a Starbucks. So you can grab a latte on your way to SeaWorld or Universal Studios. And you can choose to cook in your fully equipped and supplied kitchen or have a bite at the restaurant in this five-star resort community.

Last but not least is:

This luxury villa has everything you could be looking for. Located in the Windsor Hills Resort community this home may just top the list when it comes to amenities. It has a private pool and spa, fully equipped kitchen, game room, two themed bedrooms (Princess and Harry Potter), pool table, air-hockey and Xbox games. This particular home is located right next to a 4000 sq. ft playground built to look like castles and bridges. There is also a patio and BBQ area. And if all of that weren’t enough there are also amenities available resort wide. They are a club house, double olympic size pool, fitness room, convenience store, arcade, movie theater, tennis, basketball, and volleyball courts. There are so many things to do you might have to extend you stay. But at prices like these (currently $221 a night), you won’t have to second guess it.



10 Date Ideas For Your Friday Night: Heat Things Up With Your Vacation Rental

10 Date Ideas For Your Friday Night: Heat Things Up With Your Vacation Rental


We’ve talked a lot about families at our vacation homes and rental homes in Orlando and Kissimmee. But we know that all sorts of people, not just families visit Florida and spend time in rental condos and rental villas. There are lots of family friendly things to do in Florida, but if you are looking for a more adult trip, here are some ideas that you a loved one or you and a friend can do together.

  1. We’ve suggested before taking a spa day in the comfort of your own rental house, which come with private jacuzzis and pools. But you can leave your relaxation to the professionals if you head to the Grand Bohemian Hotel’s Poseidon Spa, where you can enjoy a couple’s spa treatment. Then you can head to hotel’s restaurant The Boheme for a truly indulgent experience.
  2. If you are thinking of a more conservative and laid back date, you can stop by and try all of the offerings of Orlando’s foodtrucks. There are monthly and weekly gatherings of these trucks which offer some fantastic cuisine for very reasonable prices. This is perfect for last minute date nights, where don’t really feel like cooking in your rental condo or holiday villa (which can come with fully-equipped kitchens). Check out for more information about Orlando’s trucks.
  3. You can hire a personal chef for the night and never leave the comfort of your own rental house’s living room. Leave the work to professional chefs who will come in and make you a fantastic dinner. You can book your own at . You can even invite over some friends and really dazzle them with the chef’s excellent cuisine.
  4. Picnic lunches are really underrated in my opinion. Packing up some of your favorite foods and a blanket sounds a little provincial, but Orlando is the perfect place to enjoy the sunny outdoors while lunching. Head to the Albin Polasek Museum and Sculpture Garden, lunch basket in tow. Wine is even allowed in the garden!
  5. Go see a show that you ordinarily wouldn’t be able to watch. You can see the Blue Man Group or Cirque de Soleil perform in Orlando.
  6. You can reserve a private boat to watch the Disney Fireworks. Pricing is by the hour, and can be a little steep, but think about how romantic watching a fireworks show would be from the calm waters Bay Lake.
  7. You can go Jazz Tastings for wine and small plates while listening to live music. There are only a dozen tables, so the setting is very intimate. Chatting is discouraged while the band is playing, but you can be sure that the regional rotating groups will deliver.
  8. If you are in the mood for some laughs you can watch comedy TV at your vacation rental or your luxury condo, but you can do that anywhere! Head to Improv for a live comedy show. Tickets start at $17 and they also serve dinner.
  9. You can take a romantic trip to the Ice Factory ice skating rink. If you aren’t afraid of a couple slips, you can get close to you companion by trying to stay on your skates. Look at for schedules.
  10. Go wine tasting! There are many venues where you can taste wine with your date, but head to the Wine Room on Park Avenue. You can take a wine class and brush up on your viticulture knowledge or just do a regular tasting and listen to information from the professionals. If you get a little peckish, there are also cheese offerings.


Useful Travel Tips for When you Rent a Vacation Home

Useful Travel Tips for When you Rent a Vacation Home 


  1. If you feel like skipping the airline baggage fees and waiting for eternity at the carousel, just pack a carry-on with your essentials. Be sure to limit your liquids to the required amount and leave any restricted items at home. When you arrive at your rental home or vacation house, buy some of the necessities that you couldn’t bring with you– like toothpaste, sunscreen, shampoo, etc. With so many vacation homes and rental condos having washers and dryers you won’t need to pack a whole lot of clothing. And who knows, with all the great shopping in Orlando and in central Florida, you might just have to buy a suitcase to haul all your new digs back home.
  2. Look up attraction and park passes, entertainment tickets, and event schedules before you leave. You might be able to snag a week pass for Disney, or get a LYNX pass for public transit. If you get a good idea about what is available during your stay and what falls within your budget, then you can plan all your activities and have plenty of time left over to relax by the pool or release some stress from work at the tennis courts.
  3. Because you are most likely going to be spending time at the beach and at pools, both within your resort community and around Orlando (like Dolphin Swims at SeaWorld), you should bring a bathing suit that you feel comfortable in. You will want something durable and something that you can rinse out every night after you use it. Some bathing suits have liners that need to air-dry, which means that if it’s still wet the next day you’ll have to suffer through a cold, clammy suit until you hit the water again.
  4. Buy foods that you like and will eat. Many rental apartments and vacation villas have fully equipped kitchens, which means that you can cook whenever you feel like it. That being said you should stick to meals that don’t require any bulk purchases. I like to buy just enough ingredients for one or two meals, that way there is no waste. I also like to look up one pot or one pan meals to reduce the number of dishes I have to clean, when I could be relaxing instead.
  5. If you have really good planning skills, you could have certain items delivered to your rental property for when you arrive. If you know you’ll want certain products or foods in advance, you can order them on amazon and have them delivered to the house, which saves you a trip or two during your vacation.
  6. Don’t be afraid to explore the community. There are many attractions around Orlando that make it so appealing to tourists from all over the world. That doesn’t mean however that you need to be a tourist the whole time. There are a lot of beach towns and other sites worth visiting that are further off the beaten path. Who knows, you might even find your next vacation destination in another city in Florida.



Kissimmee Vacation Rentals

Kissimmee Vacation Rentals 


Kissimmee is a medium-sized town just a few miles from Orlando. There are many rental homes and rental condo options in Kissimmee. It’s proximity to the city or Orlando and to Walt Disney World make it a perfect location for travelers who want to avoid the inconveniences, noise and crowds of the big city. You can bring a car to make all of your day trips around Florida. There is also a public transportation system that serves Kissimmee. There is also an Amtrak stop in the town.

One vacation rental community near Disney World and Orlando is the Cane Island Resort. This resort style communities has a lot to offer. Aside from its ideal location, there is also a clubhouse, sauna, spa, coffee room, and games room. The resort is also located near other attractions, parks, and world class golf courses. These two-bedroom rental apartments include balconies and are being offered as low as $104 a night!

The Emerald Island Resort is a townhouse community. Also located in Kissimmee, these rental properties can sleep up to 6 people. These vacation homes are equipped with full kitchens including a dishwasher, toaster, blender, coffee maker, oven & stove. There are also laundry rooms with washer and dryer. You can enjoy free Wifi internet and big screen TVs. This community is located close to Premium Outlets, Florida Mall, Disney World, Universal Studios and SeaWorld. Rental homes like these are perfect for larger groups and for extended stays.

If you are looking for something more luxurious for your vacation you can stay at Reunion Resort. This 2300 acre community is located near Orlando, Walt Disney World and only half an hour to the airport. This resort has all of the amenities you can dream of. There are 3 Signature golf courses, a 5 acre water park, a full-service spa, tennis courts, jogging tracks, and a fitness center. These villa select rentals have fully equipped kitchens, flat screen TVs and DVD/CD players. You can cool off or get a workout in one of ten swimming pools. Don’t worry about dinner as there are also amazing restaurants nearby, like at Universal CityWalk. There is also nearby entertainment, attractions, shopping and cultural experiences.



Find Your Perfect Condo Rental


Find Your Perfect Condo Rental


While many vacationers stay in hotels, travelers in the know will often stay in rental properties. These range from luxury villas in resort communities to small rental homes near the beach. However, there is another option that is often overlooked: the condo rental. Condos offer most of the same amenities of villa and home rentals. For about $100 you can rent a condo that sleeps up to 6 people.

The Island Club community includes some condo units among the spacious and luxurious villas. The community includes a pool, volleyball and tennis courts, shuffleboard, playground, gym, and arcade. Located in a quiet community of Kissimmee, the properties are less than 5 miles from Disney World. There are also nearby shopping, parks, dining, entertainment, and other attractions. Staying in a vacation condo you get to experience all of the perks of the resort community for a fraction of the price. That doesn’t mean of course that you will forgo the perks of the luxury villas. The condos at the Island Club include Large HD TVs, fully equipped kitchens, and WiFi.


Another community Club Cortile includes condo vacation rentals. These condos boast open floor plans which means the whole group can spend time together comfortably and enjoy a party atmosphere every night, with security and privacy. These condos also include fully equipped kitchens and laundry rooms. This community is near all of Orlando’s most popular attractions like LegoLand, SeaWorld, Disney, and Universal Studios. Aquatica and Discovery Cove are also just a few minutes by car.

Rental condos are a great option over rental home and rental villas because they include most if not all of the amenities of luxury rentals for a fraction of the price. They are perfect for vacationers who are more interested in spending the day out and about. If you aren’t too interested in relaxing by the pool or staying in for a movie, then a condo might be your best option. It provides the location, the amenities if you want them, for the right price.

I lived in a condo for about a year and while it was definitely a change from the larger houses I was used to, it was also freeing in a sense. Less space meant that I needed less stuff. And by only keeping the necessities I found that I was able to prioritize my space and my time and my life better. A smaller condo might have the same effect on vacationers who will be more eager to spend time outdoors and enjoy their vacation to the fullest. I think that while luxury has its merits, simplicity is often overrated. So if you want to get to the barebones of a vacation, a condo could help you experience Florida and give you a new view on life back home.

Spring Into your Florida Holiday Home or Villa Holiday Today!

Spring Into your Florida Holiday Home or Villa Holiday Today!

florida home

It seems like the days of sweaters and eggnog just ended and yet here we are at the cusp of spring. Birds are chirping, flowers are starting to emerge, and I still haven’t taken down the Christmas lights. So instead of spring cleaning and filing my taxes I’m more interested in the blue waters of the Gulf, the crispy seafood from beach towns and fresh orange juice in the morning.

Holiday villas, vacation rentals, and villas are great for vacationers who want a relaxing, fun, and rejuvenating experience. I will spare you the information on how affordable holiday homes and rental homes are. Orlando vacation homes and vacation rental by owner properties are beautiful, affordable, and they make a lot of sense of vacationers who want a fun and varied time in Florida.

First of all your vacation rental in Orlando or Kissimmee will be all about water in all its forms. Pools, spas, jacuzzis, water parks, oceans, lakes, and lagoons. Orlando and Kissimmee are located in the midst of all of this H20, which means that you will have access to all of it. People from the Northeast and Midwest suffered through a brutal winter this year, so some sun and splashing around would certainly do them some good. There are even some luxury Florida villas that have their own private pools and spas. However, if you are a more social creature then you can find a rental home, rental apartment, or rental apartment or rental condo within a resort community that includes community pools, spas, and many other shared amenities.

If you do decide to rent a holiday home or holiday villa then you will also be in close proximity to great Floridian culture. You will only be a short drive from quaint beach towns, where you catch some rays, enjoy from fresh seafood and maybe a couple Mai-Tais, if you’re feeling saucy. Beach towns have a different feel than the luxurious and hospitable atmosphere of vacation rentals and villa holidays. However, visiting these towns will be an important part of the mosaic of experiences during your Florida vacation. You can relax in the privacy of your own holiday home, or dig your toes in the sand in a sleepy beach town. Of course to top everything off you can visit Disney World or Universal Orlando to have a truly magical experience.

Finally, when you stay in a vacation rental or a Orlando holiday home, you get to vacation like you’re still in your own home. Now that doesn’t compromise the quality of your vacation. It actually allows you to make delicious meals at home with fresh ingredients. I, personally get tired of eating out every day when I’m vacation. Sometimes I’d like to relax at home with fresh squeezed orange juice, an omelette with fresh veggies and some buttery toast! I’ll have to end this post here, because I’ve made myself incredibly hungry.