Vacation Rentals: 10 Family Fun Ideas

Vacation Rentals: 10 Family Fun Ideas

There are so many fun things to with a vacation rental. Staying in a holiday villa or a vacation home can be fun in itself, so it might be tempting to stay in and enjoy your beautiful holiday home. There’s nothing wrong with that! — if you are renting a home or villa at a very reasonable price. Savvy vacationers know that they can have much more fun in a holiday apartment or a house for rent by owner than in a hotel.

  1. You can cook the meal of your dreams in your holiday house. Pick up the freshest ingredients and a bottle of wine and some sparkling juice for the kids and enjoy a feast. You can splurge on some crab and mussels, pick up some steaks and enjoy a surf and turn for a fraction of the price of a restaurant. Then again you can always find a reason to splurge on a restaurant if cooking doesn’t sound like the best use of your time.
  2. Swim in the pool! You can take your family swimming at the beach of any number of community and club pools. And if you really know how to vacation you’ll rent a villa or holiday home with a pool.
  3. Spa night! If you do get a holiday home with a pool, you can relax by the water with a face mask and a couple of cucumbers on your eyelids. Because vacation rentals include kitchens, you can whip up some healthy spa food and drinks and soak up the sun in perfect privacy.
  4. If you have small children and don’t want to be out and about late at night. Pick up some popcorn and sodas and choose a movie everyone will enjoy.
  5. Many holiday villas are location conveniently close to Florida attractions like Walt Disney Land. Staying in a home rental means that you can easily make day trips with the family.
  6. Get a workout in one of the fitness centers located in many of the resort communities. What a better time to work on your fitness than on vacation when you beach body will be on display.
  7. Go out and visit the clubs, lounges, bars, or spas that are part of many luxury villa communities. You can be sure to have a good time at these amenities.
  8. If you forgot to pack something or are just feeling like you need some new digs, you can go shopping and get everything you might need or want. You can model your new clothes for your family.
  9. WIFI allows you to work away from the office. Everyone knows that vacation is for relaxing, but sometimes you just have to send an e-mail or get some work done. WIFIi and ample workspace allow you to get your necessary tasks done.
  10. Go for a walk around you community. Rental villa communities are beautifully landscaped and gated to ensure your privacy and safety. Many of these communities have outdoor activities like fishing and basketball courts.


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