Vacation Home Travel Hacks: How to Get to Your Rental House in Style

Vacation Home Travel Hacks: How to Get to Your Rental House in Style

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  1. Pack light because you’ll most likely have a washer and dryer in your vacation villa or vacation condo. You can only bring the essentials to cut down on baggage fees and avoid the wait and potentially losing your luggage.
  2. While you might want to stay in your villa or holiday home all the time and enjoy the many amenities resort communities have to offer, there is plenty to see. Pack appropriate clothes so you can experience it all. At the top of the list are bathing suits, comfortable shoes for sightseeing and shopping sprees, and a formal set of clothes for a night on the town!
  3. If you are in a large party you can skip the 1 ounces 3 bottle ziplock bag fiasco. It might make sense to leave the toiletries at home and buy the appropriate shampoos, toothpastes, etc. Depending on how long you are staying in your rental home or villa select, means you could save a lot of time and money and aggravation.
  4. Study ahead and make a plan and an itinerary. You’ll have plenty of time to spend by the pool in your rental home, so make sure you get to experience everything Orlando has to offer. You could see a show or a game or go to one of the amazing amusement or theme parks. Planning ahead will save you time and money and will prevent the inevitable “What do you want to do today?” exchanges that rarely go anywhere.
  5. If you can think about staying in a holiday villa or rental by owner in Florida during the off-season. Flights will be cheaper (and most likely emptier!), the prices for rental properties will be even lower, and you’ll avoid lines at popular attractions. You might also be more welcome as a tourist in the off-season.
  6. A lot of people come to Florida and stay in a vacation rental or a holiday apartment to relax and get away from it all. However, that doesn’t mean you should burn out before your vacation. See if you can get a little rest and remove some of the stress from your life before you get on the plane, or train, or in the car. Starting your vacation a little early will give you more energy and prevent you from lying on the couch instead of sightseeing or swimming with dolphins, which we’ve previously endorsed.
  7. Don’t follow the herd! Sure there are a lot of time-tested attractions in Florida that bring in millions of visitors every year. We aren’t suggesting that you avoid these spots, but limiting yourself to the most popular places may not be the best course of action. If you want a really special and one of a kind vacation, you’ll need to leave the beaten path and find your special place.

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