Luxury on a Budget: How Vacation Rentals Offer World Class for Cheap

Luxury on a Budget: How Vacation Rentals Offer World Class for Cheap 

Vacation rentals offer an unprecedented level of luxury for their price. Like we’ve said before, you can get a holiday home or a vacation rental by owner for a fraction of the price of a hotel room. Aside from the great price rental villas and holiday homes offer so many more amenities and perks than hotels, that experiencing all these benefits would cost you thousands of dollars. Villa holiday and holiday houses offer the convenience of a full size home with everything you would expect from your own home– like kitchen, living and dining rooms, full size bedrooms and bathrooms, and everything already furnished.


Villa holidays give you all of the perks of a large villa with access to world class amenities. Not only are holiday houses and vacation home rentals conveniently located near all of Orlando’s most popular attractions like Disney, SeaWorld, and Universal. They are also near amazing beaches and quaint beach towns, great restaurants and shopping.

House rental and holiday apartments will run you between $100 and $150 a night, but that is for the whole rental and not per person. Some larger rental home and holiday villas can accomodate up to 14 people! That means that you per person savings will be incredible!

If you decide to stay in a house rental or a holiday villa that is located within a gated residential vacation community then you will have access to all sorts of different perks during your vacation. First there is the sense of security and community that comes with a gated residential community. Then there are lots of communal spaces for all renters and vacationers to use. There are usually pools– regular, olympic, or lagoon, or a combination of them. There are also athletic facilities like basketball, volleyball, and tennis courts. Oftentimes you can find a running track or a nature trail that is included in the community. There are also often restaurants, cafes, clubhouses, game rooms, and movie theatres that cater to vacationers from all around the world.

Within these resort communities there are also a wide variety of luxury villas and luxury rental homes. These rental homes are large and filled with all the amenities you could possibly dream of. Aside from the beautiful decoration and standard equipment you would find in a regular vacation rental, these homes come with HD TVs, free Wifi, large open floor plans, perfect for entertaining. There are also private pools and spas and many of these rentals come with optional maid service if you want to really focus on your vacation and nothing else.

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