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Escaping the Cold with a Florida Vacation Rental

Escaping the Cold with a Florida Vacation Rental 

If you live above a certain latitude then you may be blessed with summer thunderstorms, autumn foliage and crocuses popping up in the spring. And depending on how you look at it (the blessing?) of snow and slush and wet feet and drafty hallways and a sun that never appears. So whether you still find fresh snowfall romantic or if you are stockpiling rock salt to clear its existence, you probably are due for a Florida vacation.

Vacation rentals mean that you can leave the gloom of February and the inevitable late spring behind. When you rent a villa plus or a holiday home, you can continue the “at home” experience while staying in beautiful, breezy Orlando or Kissimmee in Florida.


Holiday homes provide all the comfort of home with none of the shoveling the walkway or freezing even when the heat is on. So you can cook in a fully-equipped kitchen in your vacation rental. With free WiFi you can also get some work done in your holiday home. Rental homes and holiday houses provide you with a great deal of flexibility and will allow you the option to escape the brutal winter. Florida villas often come with great amenities so you can enjoy your Florida experience while never feeling too disconnected.

Your villa holiday can start with just you or you can bring the whole family along. There are lots of activities to keep the kids busy in luxury resort communities. Don’t think however, that these beautiful Florida villas are out of your reach. Large holiday houses and vacation villas rent for less that the price of a hotel room. You can relax by the pool or get in a game of tennis, while the kids play in the resort game rooms, club houses, athletic facilities, community pools and nature areas. When the day winds down you can make dinner in your gourmet kitchen or go out the eat at one the fantastic conveniently located restaurants, either in the resort community or nearby.

In a Florida vacation rental you will be able to recharge and renew in the Florida sun. You can relax and get in some exercise. You will also have access to great shopping in case you want to supplement your wardrobe. Spending time in the sun is a great way to fight S.A.D. or seasonal affective disorder that any of us who have spent time in the Northeast know all too well. So don’t wait another minute, book your Florida vacation rental now!