Family Fun in Florida Vacation Homes

If you are on a family vacation, then you might picture yourself in a hotel room– cramped,

crowded, and messy (until the maid comes that is). However, if you really want to have a family

fun experience on vacation then you should look to Florida vacation rentals and Orlando rental


1. Find a vacation villa or a rental house with a private pool! If you’re family loves being

outside and wants to splash around on your own time, then you can find a vacation

home for rent with its own private pool. There are many different rental properties that

even offer heating. You could also combine the private pool with a private jacuzzi or

outdoor area. This is a great way to spend time with the family in a low-key, but fun and

enjoyable way.

2. Make a big breakfast or brunch. When was the last time you and the whole family sat

down for a breakfast (or for any meal for the that matter). We spend so much time on the

go and work and school often prevent us from spending time as a family. If you spend

your vacation in a hotel room, then most of your meals with probably be in a restaurant

or on the go. However, if you stay in a rental house or in a holiday villa, then you will be

treated with a kitchen that is fully equipped and ready to go. You can make a big

breakfast with eggs, bacon, pancakes and syrup (maybe some mimosas for the adults).

Then you can spend the day in your spacious vacation rental or take a trip with the

family around Orlando or Kissimmee.

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3. Go to the beach with the whole family. Staying at a vacation home gives you some

flexibility to do things that you might not ordinarily do if you were staying at a hotel. If you

have your own vacation home or Florida villa, then you can leave at your leisure, get

packed for the day with sunscreen, water, and snacks, and then head out for a day at

the beach. Remember that most vacation rentals by owner and house rentals come with

parking so you can bring you car or rent a car. Heading to the beach for a day of sand a

sun. You can even visit some of the quaint beach towns on either of Florida’s coasts.

4. Do a movie night. Mobile based and internet media have become so popular, that the

days of the family gathering around the TV (moderately of course) has become very

rare. Many Florida villas and Orlando house rentals come with large HD TVs in their

spacious living rooms or great rooms. All you have to do is pick a movie the whole family

can get on board with, get a bag or two of popcorn and some soft drinks. I think that

there is something very cathartic about watching a movie in the dark, experiencing the

action and emotion of a good film. Some luxury villas and large rental homes have

enough space for larger groups. There are some rental homes that are close to

shopping malls and movie theaters as well, so if you cannot live without movie theater

popcorn, then you can head over there instead.

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