Holiday Homes and Vacation Rentals: Terminology for Your Florida Vacation

Holiday Homes and Vacation Rentals: Terminology for Your Florida Vacation

Vacation Rentals, Villa Plus, Rentals by Owner– it can all get a little confusing. A lot of words we use on these blogs are used interchangeably, so if you are looking for something specific for your Florida vacation, then you can read up here.

  1. Vacation Rentals are a general term for properties that are rented on a per/night basis. Holiday Home would be another generic term.
  2. Vacation Rental By Owner mean that an individual owns the property and are willing to rent it out– these properties are inspected and regulated by the umbrella company.
  3. House Rentals imply either a rental by owner or that the property is a free standing structure.
  4. Condo Rentals imply that the structure houses more than one rental.
  5. Apartment Rentals are usually the smallest of all rental units and are usually also part of a larger building.
  6. Villas in Florida are generally the largest and most luxurious options for vacationers. They are almost always free-standing structures with lots of square footage and a long list of amenities.
  7. Villas with Pools means that the villa has a private pool attached to the rental. Most properties have a pool or have access to a community pool.
  8. Luxury Villas mean that there are amenities that you normally wouldn’t find like maid service, HD TVs, or a jacuzzi. Be sure to look at the list of amenities for each property that interests you.
  9. Resort Communities are areas or tracts that can be gated, but that always cater to vacationers. These communities often have nature areas, pools, game rooms, athletic facilities, and much more. If you are staying in a vacation rental decide whether you would like the perks of a resort community or the quiet and privacy of a free standing home in a regular community.
  10. Attractions that we talk about run the gamut of experience. There are large amusement parks like Disney and Universal Studios. There are historical sites and nature and wilderness areas. There are beaches and shopping malls and museums. There is a lot to discover in Orlando and in the Kissimmee area, so rental homes and vacation rentals make a lot of sense for savvy travelers.

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