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Orlando Vacation Homes: How to Pick the Best Vacation Rental for You

Orlando Vacation Homes: How to Pick the Best Vacation Rental for You 

If you are in the market for a rental house or holiday home then you’ve come to the right place for all the information you may need. The first thing to consider is when you want to travel. You might consider heading to Orlando, Kissimmee, and central Florida in the off-season. This means that you will find cheaper tickets, smaller crowds, and cheaper per/night costs for Florida holiday villas and Orlando holiday apartments. Once you figure out your dates you should decide how many people will be coming with.

We often think of vacations as a chance to get away, but if you are staying in a villa select or Florida luxury villa then you can bring a large group to really connect. With open floor plans, amenities like private pools and BBQ areas, these vacation properties have enough space and are conducive to hanging around and entertaining. Vacation rentals in Florida are almost always very affordable. And once you consider the number of people that some rentals can sleep (14!) then you can really calculate those savings.

When you figure out who’s coming along, then you can start your search for your ideal condo rental or florida apartment. There are some rental condos and vacation apartments that are suitable for 2 people. Some larger houses can comfortably fit huge groups of people. The great thing about a lot of these rental homes and villa selects, is that they are located with resort communities in Orlando, Kissimmee, and other central Florida towns. These resorts have incredible amenities like golf-courses, heated pools, landscaped gardens, club houses, athletic facilities… the list goes on and on. This means that you get the security of a hotel, the independence of your own house, and the amenities of a five-star resort! If you are looking for a rental home or vacation house in a particular town, there are many vacation rentals by owners. All of the options you have are inspected to make sure they reach the high standards set by

Speaking of location, that’s the next thing to consider. Most of these holiday homes and rental homes are conveniently located to some of the best attractions in Orlando. However, if you are biased towards a certain park or a certain aspect of Florida, you can find the closest property to your interests. All of the rentals have maps, that point out nearby shopping, restaurants, attractions, parks, and historical sites. That means that you can easily find the most convenient spot to hit all of your favorite places. For example, if you want to go to Disney World several times, you could rent a Florida vacation rental that’s only 10 minutes from the park! Talk about convenience.


How to Have a Productive Florida Vacation in a Holiday Home

How to Have a Productive Florida Vacation in a Holiday Home

Vacation is often considered as a time to relax, recharge, and get away from it

all. However, being cut off from work, family, and life in general can be the source of

some anxiety for some. If you want to have a relaxing, rejuvenating experience during

your vacation then vacation rentals and Orlando holiday homes are your best bet.


Your vacation rental, whether it be a condo rental, an apartment rental, a house

or villa rental will be your home during your time in Florida. By home, we mean that you

can experience all the comforts of a house during your stay. For example, there are fully

furnished kitchens, living rooms with TVs, queen and king sized beds, and other

luxurious amenities that you may not have in your own home. You can see why a lot of

people prefer to stay in holiday homes or rental homes. They get to experience their

vacation from the comfort of a home.


Now, while you may think that you are here just to relax, you can actually be

quite productive during your villa holiday. You can start eating right, by cooking fresh

foods in your gourmet eat-in kitchen. House rentals come fully equipped so you can

squeeze some fresh OJ, brew some coffee and make some omelettes or some scones.

There’s something to be said for taking your time in preparing a meal with care and

love. There is also a lot of money to be saved!

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You can also spend the time you have off getting in better shape. It is fairly easy

to get inspired in Florida. The great weather means that most residents lead happy and

active lifestyles. You can go for a jog. Or if you rental home or your holiday villa is

located with a resort community you can play volleyball, tennis, or basketball on

community courts. There are many holiday homes that have private pools, where you

can get in a few laps. Orlando and Kissimmee are also well-known for their world class

golf resorts, so if you want to tee-off Central Florida is the perfect place to rent your

vacation home.


With free WiFi holiday rentals provide the perfect space to get some work done.

Working in new environments often help people get a new perspective on their work. If

you are working on a case, or a screenplay, or a design, then a desk in Florida

overlooking the beautiful scenery may be perfect to get you going. Villa rentals provide

ample space for large groups, so finding your perfect niche, to get some work done, or

to read a book, or just enjoy a cup of coffee is always a possibility.

Escaping the Cold with a Florida Vacation Rental

Escaping the Cold with a Florida Vacation Rental 

If you live above a certain latitude then you may be blessed with summer thunderstorms, autumn foliage and crocuses popping up in the spring. And depending on how you look at it (the blessing?) of snow and slush and wet feet and drafty hallways and a sun that never appears. So whether you still find fresh snowfall romantic or if you are stockpiling rock salt to clear its existence, you probably are due for a Florida vacation.

Vacation rentals mean that you can leave the gloom of February and the inevitable late spring behind. When you rent a villa plus or a holiday home, you can continue the “at home” experience while staying in beautiful, breezy Orlando or Kissimmee in Florida.


Holiday homes provide all the comfort of home with none of the shoveling the walkway or freezing even when the heat is on. So you can cook in a fully-equipped kitchen in your vacation rental. With free WiFi you can also get some work done in your holiday home. Rental homes and holiday houses provide you with a great deal of flexibility and will allow you the option to escape the brutal winter. Florida villas often come with great amenities so you can enjoy your Florida experience while never feeling too disconnected.

Your villa holiday can start with just you or you can bring the whole family along. There are lots of activities to keep the kids busy in luxury resort communities. Don’t think however, that these beautiful Florida villas are out of your reach. Large holiday houses and vacation villas rent for less that the price of a hotel room. You can relax by the pool or get in a game of tennis, while the kids play in the resort game rooms, club houses, athletic facilities, community pools and nature areas. When the day winds down you can make dinner in your gourmet kitchen or go out the eat at one the fantastic conveniently located restaurants, either in the resort community or nearby.

In a Florida vacation rental you will be able to recharge and renew in the Florida sun. You can relax and get in some exercise. You will also have access to great shopping in case you want to supplement your wardrobe. Spending time in the sun is a great way to fight S.A.D. or seasonal affective disorder that any of us who have spent time in the Northeast know all too well. So don’t wait another minute, book your Florida vacation rental now!



Accessible Vacation Homes and Villa Rentals

Florida Vacation Rentals For Everyone!  Accessible Vacation Homes and Villa Rentals

One of the great things about Florida vacation rentals in Orlando and Kissimmee is how accessible they are. I’m reminded of my travels to Europe and other cities where hotel prices are outrageous, tourist traps abound, and beaches and parks have entry fees. If you want to experience all the luxury of Monaco then head to a Florida villa or a house rental in Orlando and Kissimmee.

There are many different options that fit every traveler’s needs and desires. Apartment rentals and condo rentals are listed for as low as $100 a night! If you are travelling with as a couple or with a friend, you can stay in a smaller vacation rental and enjoy all of the perks of staying in a luxury Florida resort. House rentals are also available either in luxury vacation resorts or through rentals by owners. Vacation by owner houses are inspected to ensure quality and comfort for all vacation renters.

Even if you have a large party holiday homes and Florida villas are very affordable and very convenient. They have all of the luxuries and comforts of your own home, plus many other amazing amenities. You can find holiday houses and villa select properties for under $250 a night, but just consider that these houses can sleep up to 14 people! The cheapest, dingiest hotel would cost you much more than that. When you figure that you’ll have your own kitchen, laundry room, outside areas like pools, BBQs, patios, then you’ll really understand what a deal these vacation home rentals are. House rentals and luxury villas can be found all around Orlando, Kissimmee, and other outlying cities and towns in Florida. They are most often located near attractions that many tourists visit. Holiday rentals and villas to rent are often just minutes from Disney World and Universal Studios. Rental houses are also often near shopping and restaurants and usually are on major highways which can take you to beaches and other Florida attractions.

Vacation homes and villa rentals mean that you can enjoy the luxury vacation you’ve always dreamed of without breaking the bank. You can get a beautifully decorated rental home with world class amenities for less than the cost of a hotel room. You will also have access to some of the most visited attractions in the world!



Vacationing in Orlando: Why Rental Homes and Rentals Villas are Right for You

Vacationing in Orlando: Why Rental Homes and Rentals Villas are Right for You

Vacation rentals are a great idea for families and groups who want to head to Florida— Orlando or Kissimmee for a trip. You can find a wide variety of villa plus properties, holiday homes and vacations rentals by owner. These different options afford many different perks. Villas in Florida are luxury options with private pools, maid service, and gourmet kitchens. Holiday homes have many of the same perks but for a smaller price tag. Rental homes come in all shapes and sizes, so you’ll be able to find something perfect for your group, whether you are a couple, a family, or traveling alone for some well-deserved r & r.

Villa holidays can be relaxing because you don’t need to stress out about money, because they are a great deal. You also will be able to enjoy pools, spas, outdoor areas like golf courses and basketball courts. Choosing the right holiday house is easy because there are so many different options. Vacation home rentals afford you great flexibility and lots of important and enjoyable perks. Houses for rent by owner give you same things but in residential communities. Florida villas and Florida vacation rentals give you the best of everything. You get a beautiful holiday villa or house rental. You also get all of the perks that these vacation homes get from being in resort communities. You also get the great location for all Orlando and Kissimmee attractions.


A rent by owner may get you the best price. However, there are also rental condos and rental apartments that rent for the fraction of the price of a hotel room.  And considering, when you rent a hotel you only get one room and a bathroom. When you go with Florida vacation rentals you get a full house with bathroom, fully equipped kitchen, and many other amenities. Some rentals even have laundry rooms, so you can clean your favorite outfit. After spending some time in a house rental or a holiday villa you will wonder why you ever stayed in a hotel!


Holiday Villa, Vacation Homes, Rental Apartments: How to Pick Your Florida Rental

Holiday Villa, Vacation Homes, Rental Apartments: How to Pick Your Florida Rental

If you are looking for a vacation rental in Florida, then you should definitely be checking out There are a lot of different options that fit any group, any budget, and any vacation preference.

All vacation rentals are inspected and maintained at the highest standard to ensure your comfort and enjoyment during your vacation. However, there are several differences between a villa plus and a holiday home for example. Vacation rentals by owner can be just as different as apartment rentals for regular rental homes.

A villa plus or a luxury villa will be the most expensive but the most enjoyable experience with the most amenities. Luxury villas are large Florida rental homes that are usually freestanding and come with outdoor perks like private pools, spas, jacuzzis, and BBQ areas. These are perfect for large families and for groups who value spending time together. If you aren’t planning on going out for excursions every day then a luxury villa may be perfect for you.

If you would like to maximize your benefits without paying a premium or if you have a smaller group then you can rent a vacation house or a rental home. These rentals homes come with great perks like HD TVs and wifi, plus optional maid service. They often come with free parking so you can bring your car or rent a car for your vacation. If they are located within a resort community, then you will also have access to incredible amenities like pools, parks, clubs, restaurants, cafes and much, much more. The whole family will enjoy the close proximity to all of Orlando’s attractions as well as the perks of the resort community.

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If you want a smaller space or if you plan on being out and about, then a rental condo may be the right option for you. These smaller, usually combined residences still have all the perks if they are in a resort community. These vacation rentals make sense for couples or for families with small children, who don’t need lots of space or private pools.

If you want a traditional and authentic Florida experience, then you can get a rental by owner. These house rentals belong to individuals who are willing to rent out their space for vacationers. These houses are often located in regular communities. This doesn’t mean that you’d be out of luck however. It means that you can live and vacation in a beautifully community, in a home that meets exceptional standards all while enjoying sunny Florida weather, and Orlando attractions.

Kissimmee Vacation Rentals: Picking the Perfect Holiday Villa or Rental House

Kissimmee Vacation Rentals: Picking the Perfect Holiday Villa or Rental House

There are lots of different options in Kissimmee for renting a holiday home or luxury villa. Kissimmee is a small town located near Orlando and very near some of the best attractions in Florida. Today we are going to be introducing three different resort communities within the city of Kissimmee.

First we have Sun Lake. This community is primarily rental condos, but that doesn’t mean that they lack any amenity you could desire. These rental homes have WiFi, TVs, and cable. There is a community pool and tennis courts for your enjoyment. There is also available daily housekeeping if you’d like someone to keep your rental house tidy. With beaches only an hour away, this community is perfectly located near activities like horseback riding, ice-skating, canoeing, jet-skiing, snorkeling, and SCUBA diving.

Next we have Cumbrian Lakes. Just a quick glimpse at the entrance gives you an idea of the luxury and wonderful atmosphere of this resort community.

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Cumbrian Lakes is only 15 minutes from Disney World. Unlike Sun Lake, the units here are mostly Florida rental villas and luxury villas. These villas come with family rooms, perfect for spending some quality time with your group. There are also different lakes within the community, which will give you the opportunity to observe some Florida wildlife. Vacation homes here feature BBQ areas, covered pool/patio areas. This is the perfect place to relax and recoup from the stress of everyday life, while at the same time being close to all of the attractions of Orlando and Florida.

The last community on our list is Crestwynd Bay in Kissimmee. This resort community is in close proximity to parks, but rents for a fraction of what you could expect from a hotel. You can find rentals by owner or holiday home rentals. The main gate of this community is only 1.3 miles away– definitely a walkable distance. This community offers a pool, playground, plus picnic areas and a small nature trail. You can find a rental house or holiday rental here with a King Size beds, quality countertops, and LCD TVs to have a truly memorable Florida vacation.

Family Fun in Florida Vacation Homes

If you are on a family vacation, then you might picture yourself in a hotel room– cramped,

crowded, and messy (until the maid comes that is). However, if you really want to have a family

fun experience on vacation then you should look to Florida vacation rentals and Orlando rental


1. Find a vacation villa or a rental house with a private pool! If you’re family loves being

outside and wants to splash around on your own time, then you can find a vacation

home for rent with its own private pool. There are many different rental properties that

even offer heating. You could also combine the private pool with a private jacuzzi or

outdoor area. This is a great way to spend time with the family in a low-key, but fun and

enjoyable way.

2. Make a big breakfast or brunch. When was the last time you and the whole family sat

down for a breakfast (or for any meal for the that matter). We spend so much time on the

go and work and school often prevent us from spending time as a family. If you spend

your vacation in a hotel room, then most of your meals with probably be in a restaurant

or on the go. However, if you stay in a rental house or in a holiday villa, then you will be

treated with a kitchen that is fully equipped and ready to go. You can make a big

breakfast with eggs, bacon, pancakes and syrup (maybe some mimosas for the adults).

Then you can spend the day in your spacious vacation rental or take a trip with the

family around Orlando or Kissimmee.

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3. Go to the beach with the whole family. Staying at a vacation home gives you some

flexibility to do things that you might not ordinarily do if you were staying at a hotel. If you

have your own vacation home or Florida villa, then you can leave at your leisure, get

packed for the day with sunscreen, water, and snacks, and then head out for a day at

the beach. Remember that most vacation rentals by owner and house rentals come with

parking so you can bring you car or rent a car. Heading to the beach for a day of sand a

sun. You can even visit some of the quaint beach towns on either of Florida’s coasts.

4. Do a movie night. Mobile based and internet media have become so popular, that the

days of the family gathering around the TV (moderately of course) has become very

rare. Many Florida villas and Orlando house rentals come with large HD TVs in their

spacious living rooms or great rooms. All you have to do is pick a movie the whole family

can get on board with, get a bag or two of popcorn and some soft drinks. I think that

there is something very cathartic about watching a movie in the dark, experiencing the

action and emotion of a good film. Some luxury villas and large rental homes have

enough space for larger groups. There are some rental homes that are close to

shopping malls and movie theaters as well, so if you cannot live without movie theater

popcorn, then you can head over there instead.

Why You Should Choose Florida Vacation Rentals for your Next Trip

Why You Should Choose Florida Vacation Rentals for your Next Trip

If you are hoping to take the family on a vacation, then Orlando, Kissimmee and central Florida should be on your list of destinations. There are so many things to do and see, the weather is beautiful and the people are friendly. Plus, there are so many different options for accommodation. You could stay in a hotel, but to have the ideal family experience you should seriously consider vacation rentals, vacation rentals by owner or holiday homes.

There are several reasons why rental homes and villa holidays make more sense– first, they are almost always a great deal. You can rent a vacation home or a Florida villa for the fraction of the cost of a hotel room. If you are travelling as a family, you have to decide on being cramped in one bedroom, with no privacy, no other amenities besides a coffee machine, or, a full size luxury villa, with a bedroom for everyone and a slew of other perks. The price per person of a house rental or a holiday villa is very good. Most holiday apartments, villas in Florida, and vacation houses cost between $15 and $30 per person per night. Some rental villas have space for up to 14 people and rent for about $200 a night. That is an incredible deal considering hotel rooms for that many people would run you over $600 a night for a comparable space. Besides the great price, there are a lot of other amenities that you can look forward to at your holiday villa or Florida vacation home.

You can expect to find your vacation rental conveniently located to major attractions, shopping, world class golf courses and resorts, and other sites in Orlando and central Florida. Your rental home may also include different perks like HD TVs, free WiFi, a pool or outdoor area. If you pick a villa select, a house rental, or a condo rental within a resort community then you can look forward to a private gated entrance, community pools (lagoon or even olympic), private nature areas, game rooms, athletic facilities for basketball, volleyball, and tennis, and even on site restaurants and cafes.

Vacation homes and vacation houses come in all shapes and sizes. And they are located around the area, so finding the vacation rental that’s right for you is a snap. Your first parameter should be the number of people in your party. You can find the right rental home for sleeping arrangements and also think about the activities that you’d enjoy. For example if you would like to cook, then you can find a villa rental or a vacation house with a gourmet kitchen, granite countertops, and an open floor plan so that everyone can enjoy a home-cooked meal together. If you are more interested in outdoor fun, the you can find a luxury villa with a private pool and a private outdoor BBQ area. That being said, these are only a few options of what you can find when looking for a holiday home or a vacation house for rent. Remember, your perfect vacation is only a click away!


Florida Vacation Villas & Rental Homes Perfect for Kids

Florida Vacation Villas & Rental Homes Perfect for Kids

Orlando and Kissimmee are great vacation spots for families. The great year-round sunshine, the friendly atmosphere, and the world class attractions brings in families from around the world. Children have a blast here, where they can live out some of their wildest dreams at Disney World and Sea World and the like.
If you are come to Florida with the family then vacation rentals are the way to go. You can get a villa plus or holiday home for relatively cheap. You can even get a vacation rental by owner. Holiday homes and rental homes are often located near all of the most popular attractions which saves you time, money and hassle. Villa holidays make it convenient and luxurious to stay in central Florida. Holiday houses are abundant in this area so there are a lot of different options. Vacation rentals and Florida rentals come with different amenities so its important to prioritize what you’d like.
If you are traveling with children here are some things to consider:
If you are coming in the summer with children, you can get a villa with a pool or a holiday apartment with a community lagoon pool, so you and the family can cool down during the hot days or relax after your day out on the town. You can also get a villa for rent with game rooms and athletic facilities so that the children can burn some energy, if you are just in the mood to relax. Since every home in Florida is only a short drive to the beach, any rental home you choose will most likely be only an hour away from the pristine beaches of Florida– a perfect place to take the kids on a day trip. One thing to keep in mind is if you have small children, they must be supervised around all pool and community facilities. If you are looking for a holiday house with a pool, keep in mind the swimming limitations of the members of your group. Condo rentals and townhome rentals are available, with no attached outdoor space, which might be ideal for families with very young children.

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There are even some luxury villas and villa rentals that have themed bedrooms for children. Spending time in a house for vacation can be stressful for children, so giving them a space of their own, that resonates with them is important. Who couldn’t have a good time in a Harry Potter or Princess themed bedroom. Some holiday rentals are located near playgrounds and nature trail which your children are sure to appreciate,

Florida Vacation Rental: What to Expect When You Arrive

Florida Vacation Rentals: What To Expect When You Arrive

When you get off the plane or drive up in your car, you will most likely see a sign like this one below. Most vacation rentals and holiday villas listed on this site are within resort communities. There are many different communities in Orlando and Kissimmee and throughout central Florida. The communities have vacation rentals, holiday homes and rental homes to suit anyone’s needs. On this site you can also find vacation rentals by owner. This sign signal the start of the resort community. Some of these communities are gated with 24 hour security, which many families appreciate.

As you drive or walk past the entrance you will notice many rental homes and holiday houses that are expertly designed and with gardens that are manicured and beautiful. Families and tourists from around the world come to stay in vacation rentals and Florida villas to enjoy the sun, the surf, and all the attractions in Orlando. You may even have a chance to meet people from around the world, who are also staying within the community you choose. You can enjoy a villa holiday in one of these beautifully designed and decorated homes.
Once you settle in, you can start enjoying all the attractions of Orlando. However, aside from all of the parks, beaches, and sites you’d like to visit, there is most likely a lot to do within your vacation community. Right outside your Florida villa you will find many different amenities to make your vacation truly special. There are villa selects and luxury villas that come with private pools, spas, and outdoor areas. There are also house rentals and holiday villas that have access to community pools (lagoon and olympic), game rooms, athletic and sports facilities, onsite cafés and restaurants, maid service, spas, and a host of other perks.

Although you probably can never exhaust the possibilities and activities within your resort community. You should eventually venture out of your house rental or villa rental and explore the area. Most of the vacation rentals in Florida are located conveniently close to Orlando attractions. You can easily visit all of the big parks and historic areas from your Florida rental. When these sites are just a few minutes away, you end up saving time and money and avoiding the frustration of traffic, lines, and time wasting.

If any of this sounds appealing to you, then book your rental condo, rental apartment, vacation home, or luxury villa today!

Vacationing in Florida: The Do’s and Dont’s of Vacation Rentals

Vacationing in Florida: The Do’s and Dont’s of Vacation Rentals



  1. Book your vacation rental early! You can often find better prices if you plan ahead. If you are visiting in peak season, then it makes sense to book earlier as prices for holiday homes increase in the summer. If you can find a vacation rental by owner, then you also lock in a low rate.
  2. Get a villa or holiday home that is near your interests. If you want to go to attractions every day then you can find a rental home near Disney World or Sea World. If you are more interested in shopping then you can find a villa holiday near large outlet malls and world class shopping malls.
  3. Think about who will be staying with you in order to get the most comfortable living situation in your vacation home rental. If you have a large party you might consider a Florida villa. Separate bedrooms and large common areas means that everyone can have some privacy, but that socializing would also be possible.
  4. If you find a villa select with lots of amenities, you could have a vacation in your own holiday rentals. A lof of luxury villas come with private pools and spas, BBQ and patio areas, and other perks that will make your stay truly memorable. If you aren’t too interested in the big attractions in Orlando, then you should consider staying in a luxury rental.


  1. Don’t try to find the cheapest vacation rental. There are condo rentals, apartment rentals, home and villa rentals. However, the price difference between the cheapest and the most expensive rentals is not that large. This means that even if you are looking for a deal, you can get a larger rental home with more amenities for not much more money.
  2. Don’t sweat the details of your trip. The great thing about staying in a holiday home or rental villa is the flexibility that it provides. You get all of the perks of staying in a house with all the amenities of a resort for less than the price of a hotel room. This will translate into a cheaper and more enjoyable vacation. So, if you forgot to pack toothpaste or just want to spend a day relaxing, there’s no need to stress, because it’s your vacation and you can do whatever you feel like.
  3. Don’t worry about how much time you have. Even if you are staying in a Florida villa for just a few days, you can still have a great time. Holiday villas and holiday apartments offer great flexibility and great savings. That being said, if you can stay longer, then you get significant discounts for one, two and three week stays.