FAQ: Your Big 4 Questions Answered about Florida Vacation Homes for Rent

FAQ: Your Big 4 Questions Answered about Florida Vacation Homes for Rent

Q: Where are the vacation homes located?

A: Vacation homes are located around Orlando and central Florida. Each home listing has its city in the information section. Most homes are located in Kissimmee Florida which is just a few miles from Orlando. However, there rental homes and houses for rent by owner that lie in communities over an hour’s drive from Orlando. Depending on your needs and your transportation methods, there are a number of houses in different communities that might suit your needs.

Q: What type of houses are listed?

A: All sorts of of houses! You can find rental apartments and rental condos. There are also vacation homes and luxury villas that you can rent. These are either located in resort communities with a number of amenities or for rent by owner in ordinary neighborhoods. All homes are expertly inspected to make sure your stay is relaxing and stress-free.

Q: When is the best time to visit Orlando?

A: Anytime at all! November through March can be chilly (by Florida standards). However, they rarely drop below 50 during the day. Depending on what you want to spend your days doing any time of the year can be appropriate to visit. If you want to be a tourist and visit attractions, parks, and historical landmarks then November through March should just be fine. June through October will have the best weather for hanging by the pool and hitting the beach.


Q: Are there any deals available?

A: Yes, indeed! First of all, rates change year round based on the season. There are price fluctuations that can be quite significant. There are also deals based on the number of days that you spend. For example 10 days mean a 10% savings. 21 days means 15% savings. And 30 days translates to a 20% savings!

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