Daily Archives: January 20, 2015

My Experience in a Luxury Villa

I love travelling and have stayed with friends and family, in hotels, in hostels, and in rental villas. In all of my experiences abroad and in various cities in the U.S. the rental villas have always been my favorite. Even though I love traveling, I realize that I am a bit of a homebody. While those two traits sound like they conflict, rental villas, rental homes, or rental condos allow for them to coexist! Being able to travel to new and exotic places is great, but for me I prefer to have a “homebase” so to speak. It provides a lot of freedom and a lot of flexibility.

My reasoning is as follows:

I really like seeing new places, but I hate the traveling process– I hate airplanes and trains. I don’t like spending a lot of money to be shipped around like cattle. So when I go on vacation I like to minimize my travel time, by picking one place and spending the majority of my time there. Rental villas allow this because they are relatively cheap and they are incredibly comfortable. You could spend all your time there with the available amenities, the privacy, and the space.

Secondly, a villa really feels like home. Hotels have their merits, but they aren’t homes. I like being at home, so why wouldn’t I pick an option that reminds me of home? Rental villas are welcoming, inviting, beautifully designed, and located conveniently in most cases. Which means several different things for travelers. First, you can spend time in your villa without going stir crazy. There is plenty of space, TVs, in most cases pools and spas, and other amenities. Traveling doesn’t have to be packed with activities and sites to see. Whenever you feel like it you can take a day off from your busy vacation and spend it “home.” Oftentimes when I was traveling abroad I felt guilty for wanting to stay in when there is so much do. However, in those cases I was often paying hundreds of dollars for a hotel room. Spending less on accommodations sort of eases the pressure to see as much as can everyday. Its nice to know that you can always come back without breaking the bank.

Rental villas also give you the opportunity to live like a local. It changes your whole mindset when you are staying in a rental home as opposed to a hotel. You can escape the tourist persona and really try to integrate into the community. Who knows, you might even meet some good friends that you can come back and visit.