5 Ways to Reduce Your Spending While Renting a Holiday Apartment

5 Ways to Reduce Your Spending While Renting a Holiday Apartment

Let’s first congratulate you for choosing a vacation rental or holiday apartment. You are already on track to saving money on your vacation and enjoying your time off like a superstar. in rental home, rental condo, or rental villa. You get to enjoy all of the perks of a hotel (plus a whole lot more) for a fraction of the cost. You get privacy, security, lots of amenities, in your own private rental property. We wonder why anyone bothers will hotel reservations when holiday rentals are an option.

Here are some other ideas for reducing your spending during the vacation. Follow these tips and you can enjoy once in a lifetime vacation every year.

  1. The first thing to think about is the included laundry room that comes with many rental homes. This means that you can do your laundry (wash and dry) for free during your vacation. Now, if you’re like me laundry doesn’t really top my vacation to-do list, but in this case it might just be worth it. Since you can do your own laundry, you don’t need to pack as many clothing items. So you can probably condense everything into a carry-on bag. This means that you won’t have to wait for your bag or be disappointed when it doesn’t wheel around on the conveyor belt and you’re left with one pair of underwear for your trip. It also means that you don’t have to pay for domestic baggage fees, which can really add up. Bags can cost $25 each and you can be really gouged if they are too heavy. A family of four will pay at least $200 for the round-trip. Traveling light takes a burden off you, literally and mentally. You have fewer things to account for and can enter a backpacker state of mind.

  2. Cooking at home is another great idea for saving money. Travelers who stay in hotels are almost wholly reliant on restaurants for their meals. Three meals a day and pit stops for snacks can really eat up your cash. However, if you rent a vacation house with a kitchen, you can prepare all of your meals and even pack food for when you are on the go. Kitchens come fully equipped so just be sure to stock up on an appropriate amount of food for your group. A backpack or insulated lunch box is perfect for taking snacks with you.

  3. Bring a canteen, even if you aren’t an outdoorsy, hitchhiking guru. Canteens come in fashionable designs and can be very sleek, so there’s no more excuse for buying wasteful and expensive bottled water. You can fill them up with cool, refreshing water for those hot Florida days. I always suggest adding a few lemon wedges for flavor, as opposed to a sugary substitute like soda.

  4. If your family reunion has been delayed or if you have a group of friends or family that wants to get together, splitting the cost of a vacation home can be very budget friendly. The great thing about large luxury villas or vacation condos is that they can sleep up to 14 people. With private pools, spas, game rooms, and open floor plans, they are the perfect place to get together with a group. And the more people you have, the more cost-efficient your vacation will be. Splitting the cost of your vacation accommodations means that you will have more money for shopping, attractions, and restaurants.

  5. Another great amenity when it comes to vacation rentals is free parking. Bringing your own car or renting one is a possibility because of the parking that is available with rental homes. You can save time and money by driving yourself to attractions like Disney World. Your own car also gives you the flexibility to visit slightly more distant or out-of-the-way destinations. You can have a look at our recommended attractions, beaches, and restaurants around central Florida.

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