Shopping for Holiday Properties

Shopping for Holiday Properties 

In the past we’ve written extensively on the money-saving and budget-friendly option of renting a vacation home or rental house. However, if you really want to go the extra mile, you can save even more money by traveling at the right time. This means that folks with extra flexibility with their work schedules, school, family obligations can snag the very best deals, by avoiding peak vacation times.

At you will be sure to get the highest quality and most luxurious vacation villas for the absolute best price. However, the advertised price can change quite a bit from night to night.

For example this vacation home here located in Kissimmee:

This home can sleep up to 8. It has king and queen beds, an open floor plan. It has granite countertops and personally selected furniture to make this vacation house especially homey and welcoming.  From now until about mid February, the per night cost is $143. After that the price changes quite a bit. Periods of time less than a week in length to longer periods about a month long have different rates. So, in March, when many people enjoy spring break or take their first vacation after winter, the price is at it’s highest, at $229. Don’t get us wrong, $229 is still a great deal, especially if you are staying at full capacity. Your group could stay in this rental home for about $30 a person per night. But, if you are staying in this home during the off-season, you can stay for less than $18 a night per person. $12 a day might not seem like a lot, but that’s extra money that you could spending on your vacation. $12 is enough to sample all the best cuisine at an Orlando food truck fair. Its also enough for a couple drinks by the beach. If you can minimize the base expenses of your trip, you can feel much more free to splurge on other things, that will really improve your vacation.

This luxurious rental property can sleep up to 12 people:

It rents for $156 in the off season to $250 during the most expensive period of time. That’s a $94 dollar difference each day. So you can stay at $21 a night per person at the most expensive and $13 at it’s cheapest. Just imagine, staying in a luxury condo in a resort community with all of the amenities you can think of for just $13 a night!

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