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Guide to Sprucing up your Living Room: The Vacation Homes Ultimate Guide

Guide to Sprucing up your Living Room: The Vacation Homes Ultimate Guide

If you plan on staying in a vacation rental or a rental condo, there’s no reason to leave your creative spirit at home. You can feel free to decorate and make your holiday home pop with some personal touches.

The first thing that I would suggest is picking out your favorite prints and rolling up a few posters to take with you, or order a some ahead of time and have them delivered. You can easily mount these with painters tape or other specialized hangers that don’t require nails or drills. These are a low-cost and easy way to make your rental house’s living room look like its been yours all along. When you are ready to head home for good, you can donate your posters or give them to a community organization.

Your Florida villa is already masterfully decorated and maintained but that doesn’t mean you can’t spruce things up a little bit. If you are going to be staying in your rental house or rental villa for some time, you might feel like moving some pieces of furniture around. Moving a chair towards the bay windows or a table to the breakfast nook can give you a view of the beautiful outdoors and a sunny spot to read a book or enjoy a cup of coffee. These small changes can give the opportunity to rewind and relax in a way that seems to only be possible on vacation. The right Feng Shui in your vacation home can definitely make you more comfortable and relaxed.

Another idea for making the rental property a little homier, would be to pick out a small potted plant. If you pick something small enough and hardy enough you can easily pack it up and take it home with you. It can be the perfect souvenir of your Florida vacation. It can also sit on your table or by your bedside and give your rental home or rental apartment the perfect touch of green. Again, if the plant is too big to transport, you can always donate it to a local organization or a friendly neighbor.

There are plenty of other DIY tips that you can find online and that will surely come to you when you are moving in to your vacation rental. For example, if you find a small shelf at a rummage sale or a thrift store, you can store trinkets and other souvenirs that you collect during your trip. This way you can reflect on your travels so far every time you see the shelf.

Hopefully your trip will be relaxing and you can feel at home in one of your rental villas or rental condos. And if we’ve done anything right you can get some inspiration from the decoration you’ll find in our properties and take it back home with you!