Rent a Holiday Home: The Best Way to Visit Disney

There’s no doubt that many Orlando vacationers are drawn to the city because of attractions like Universal and SeaWorld, however Disney World seems to be the most ubiquitous park on itineraries. Sure there are plenty of hotels in Orlando. There are even some in Disney World, but why would you settle for a one room in a crowded hotel, when you can have a rental home or vacation villa all to yourself?

The great thing about staying in a home for rent or in a condo rental is that you can sleep many more people than a hotel room for a fraction of the price. So not only are you gaining the privacy and convenience of your own vacation property, you are saving money that could be better spent during your vacation.

Many of our condo and rental home communities are located conveniently close to Disney World. This means you can get an early start to your day in the Magic Kingdom and stay as long as you want without worrying about traffic or getting home too late. And when you do get back from a long day at Disney World, you can relax in your private pool or spa that are included in many of our rental home and luxury villas.

Another benefit of staying close to Disney World is that you don’t need to stress about seeing and experiencing everything in one day. You can take your time and not worry about lines and missing your favorite attraction or show, because you can always come back. If you love Disney and are going to stay in a rental house, then it might make sense to get a Disney Pass that allows you to go more than once. These passes often have other benefits as well, like free admission to other Orlando parks.

Staying in a vacation rental or a villa select for rent makes sense for a lot of reasons. While some people point to the amenities of hotels, many of our rental homes and rental condos have all of those amenities and more! How many hotels offer a private jacuzzi or a fully equipped kitchen? You’d be hard pressed to fit a family of 5 in one expensive hotel room. And you can bet that a week in one room starts to get stuffy, messy, and maybe a little cranky. But with a full home to yourself, you can fit up to 14 individuals and have space to spare. All of these benefits, coupled with Disney’s proximity mean that your Orlando vacation doesn’t have to break the bank to be spectacular!

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