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Beaches Just a Short Drive from Orlando

Beaches Just a Short Drive From Orlando

If you are staying in a vacation rental or holiday home in Orlando, chances are that you want to spend some time at the beach. Beach culture dominates vacations in Florida, so be sure you head to the right spots.


Daytona Beach

First there’s Daytona Beach– historically a spring breakers destination, this beach’s party atmosphere has died down recently, but is still a hot destination because its proximity to Orlando and easy navigation. There is also plenty of parking, so you could drive you own car, if you’ve brought it to your holiday house.


Cocoa Beach

An hour’s drive to the East Coast of Florida will land you in Cocoa Beach. The roads aren’t as straightforward, so think about packing a GPS or having a navigator in the passenger’s seat. Cocoa beach has plenty to offer in terms of food and drink. But then again, you could always pack something to go in the kitchens that are included in many holiday apartments and luxury villas. If you are lucky you can watch a rocket or shuttle launch from Kennedy Space Center.


New Symrna

New Symrna has a lot to offer. Just over an hour away from Orlando, this beach has restaurants, nearby golfing, bars, and shops. There is also a great surf spot nearby at the Ponce Inlet. Packing and storing a surfboard is not a problem at all in a spacious luxury villa or a house for rent by owner.


Satellite Beach

If you are looking to escape the metropolitan feel of Orlando you can spend the day at Satellite Beach. A city of only 10,000 means that you can enjoy some relaxing time in this small beach town. Satellite beach has excellent restaurants to choose from and is very family friendly. If you are staying in a vacation house or holiday villa in Orlando with the family, this beach may be perfect for a day-long excursion.


St. Augustine Beach

St. Augustine Beach is just under a two hour drive from Orlando. St. Augustine has beautiful and clean shores with white sand. While you can enjoy the beautiful beaches, you can also spend your time exploring the Spanish forts and the cobblestone streets of this colonial town. If you are looking to add a little history to your Florida vacation, you should add St. Augustine to your itinerary.


Villa holidays can be so enjoyable you won’t want to leave Orlando, but there are so many beautiful destinations just a short drive from your holiday apartment or villa rental. Visiting these beaches is the only way to enjoy the nightlife, restaurants, bars, historical sites, parks, golf courses, shopping and activities in their respective communities.