Taste of Orlando


Taste your vacation: The best flavors associated with Orlando, Florida, and other regions nearby.


If you are planning a Florida vacation and are going to stay in a holiday villa or vacation home, be sure to check out some of the fantastic restaurants Florida and Orlando have to offer. With so many online reviews and restaurants turning to social media, you can get a pretty good idea of the menu, price, and atmosphere before you even step in the door.

Staying in a villa in Florida or in a holiday house in Orlando? You might be a little overwhelmed with the choices when it comes to restaurants. There are hundreds spanning every type of cuisine you could imagine. There’s down home favorite like BBQ but then there are swankier establishments like Seasons 52, where the menu changes every week based on what is freshest and what is in harvest.

If you are staying in a villa plus in a community near Walt Disney World, there is even more selection. There are many renowned restaurants in the Magic Kingdom for you to try, after you’ve enjoyed all the rides and attractions in the park.

One of the benefits of staying in a condo rental, vacation house or villa rental means that you’ll have a kitchen. You could try your hand at some of Florida’s traditional foods, like Conch Fritters, Swamp Cabbage (hearts of palm), or Key Lime Pie.

Your stay in Florida wouldn’t be complete with some refreshing Mojitos and shrimp cocktails, by the pool. Seafood in Florida is plentiful, which means that lobster and oyster lovers will never be in short supply. Be sure to also try some of Florida’s omnipresent Cuban cuisine as well!


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