Transportation Guide: Getting Around with Florida Rentals

Transportation Guide: Getting Around with Florida Rentals

Whether you are staying in a rental home, a house for rent by owner or a

holiday villa getting around Orlando and Kissimee is a snap for vacationers. LYNX is

the public transportation for central Florida. Downtown Orlando also has the

LYNMO system, which is free. You can get a one-week pass for the LYNX system,

which is perfect for short term vacation rentals. Passes cost $16 and can bought in

advance via the website. If you’d like to visit Walt Disney World, there

are a series of busses and shuttles that can take you there from convenient stops

near your rental home. If you’d like to ride in style, there are also taxis and limos

that you can pick you up directly from you holiday home rental. If you are planning a

long-term vacation in a home rental by owner for example, renting a car could be a

good option especially if you have children. It saves the hassle of timing and

schlepping strollers around.

Orlando has a commuter-rail system called Sunrail. It operates during the

week and will soon be extended to Kissimee. Getting to and from the airport is

nobody’s cup of tea, but a variety of public and private transportation options make

it easy. Regional hubs include Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando and Tampa. Kissimee

is a Greyhound and Amtrak stop, so you can travel by train or bus if flying doesn’t

suit you. Many Florida vacationers opt for a vacation cruise. Florida is a popular

destination for cruise ships and many tourists take the high seas for a taste of

adventure and luxury. Be sure to look at Central Florida maps before moving into

your vacation rental.

Planning your trip beforehand will ensure that you see all that

Central Florida has to offer. Planning which museums, beaches, landmarks,

shopping destinations, and parks you’d like to visit can help you decide what type of

transportation will best suit your needs. If you’d like to bring you car from the east

coast you can load everything and everyone up in your car and be ferried down by

Amtrak’s auto train. This saves you gas and the long car ride. You arrive in Florida

the next day after an evening departure. This way you can enjoy the convenience of

your own ride without the hassle of driving all the way down.

You shouldn’t let the logistics of your trip prevent you from a dream vacation

in a villa with a pool, a luxury condo, or a Florida beach rental.

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