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FAQ: Your Big 4 Questions Answered about Florida Vacation Homes for Rent

FAQ: Your Big 4 Questions Answered about Florida Vacation Homes for Rent

Q: Where are the vacation homes located?

A: Vacation homes are located around Orlando and central Florida. Each home listing has its city in the information section. Most homes are located in Kissimmee Florida which is just a few miles from Orlando. However, there rental homes and houses for rent by owner that lie in communities over an hour’s drive from Orlando. Depending on your needs and your transportation methods, there are a number of houses in different communities that might suit your needs.

Q: What type of houses are listed?

A: All sorts of of houses! You can find rental apartments and rental condos. There are also vacation homes and luxury villas that you can rent. These are either located in resort communities with a number of amenities or for rent by owner in ordinary neighborhoods. All homes are expertly inspected to make sure your stay is relaxing and stress-free.

Q: When is the best time to visit Orlando?

A: Anytime at all! November through March can be chilly (by Florida standards). However, they rarely drop below 50 during the day. Depending on what you want to spend your days doing any time of the year can be appropriate to visit. If you want to be a tourist and visit attractions, parks, and historical landmarks then November through March should just be fine. June through October will have the best weather for hanging by the pool and hitting the beach.


Q: Are there any deals available?

A: Yes, indeed! First of all, rates change year round based on the season. There are price fluctuations that can be quite significant. There are also deals based on the number of days that you spend. For example 10 days mean a 10% savings. 21 days means 15% savings. And 30 days translates to a 20% savings!

10 Undeniable Reasons You Belong in Florida

10 Undeniable Reasons You Belong in Florida


1.     You love the beach.

And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love spending time at the beach? It involves so many things that we enjoy separately: being outdoors, swimming, playing games, eating beach food (which in Florida is particularly special because of the high quality seafood). Beach days always remind me of being a kid. It’s hard not to revert to that childlike mentality at the beach, which is probably why I always have a good time.

2.     Palm trees are your thing.

I love trees; I always have. I was even thinking of being an arborist for a while, so I have an appropriate appreciation for trees in all the shapes they come in. There is something really special about palm trees. They have a majesty to them that evokes the exotic places like ancient Egypt or Siam and they remind us of all the places that we want to visit like Hawaii and Bora Bora.

3.     You love luxury homes.

There are lots of different and beautiful homes in Florida because it is a vacation destination for so many people. Vacation homes, luxury villas, rental houses are plentiful all over Florida.

4.     Seafood makes your mouth water.

If you are always in the mood for seafood, and even go as far as ordering oysters in Ohio, then you’ll really be in for a treat in Florida. Orlando has some of the best restaurants in the world, and they source some of the best seafood from the Atlantic and the Gulf coast. You might even think about making some lobster thermidor in your gourmet kitchen that comes included in many rental homes and rental apartments.

5.     You like taking care of yourself.

We know that our jobs and our families often get in the way of exercising and eating right. However, in Florida, there are so many opportunities for you to play sports and eat delicious, fresh, and healthy meals. There are so many tennis, volleyball, and basketball courts. There are running tracks and pools and fitness centers around every corner. Fresh produce means that all of your healthy meals will be crisp and delicious.

6.     You have a thing for Disney.

Let’s face it, Disney is a magical place. Its hard not to be touched by the film giants flicks, so everyone can relate and have a good time when they enter the Magic Kingdom. Many rental houses and rental condos are conveniently located just a few minutes away.

7.     You can party all night.

Okay, okay, this might not be true for most of us anymore, but that doesn’t mean we’ve completely lost it. There are lot of venues that come alive in Florida and they range from mild to extreme. So there’s something for everyone’s taste, no matter what the clock says.

8.     You love to travel, but have never been to Florida.

I think for a lot of people, Florida doesn’t top their lists of travel destinations because it’s so close. Lots of people make trips around the world for similar experiences that they would get in Florida. It’s not just for retirees anymore. Rental properties in Orlando can be really fun and really inexpensive.

9.     You need a tan.

We all look good with an even bronzing, but who has the time? Since the sun is always out in Florida, you can be sure you won’t miss out on your opportunity. Lots of vacation villas and rental homes have private pools, next to which you can relax and tan and jump in to cool off. Remember to bring sunblock!

10. You’re reading this article already.

If you had any doubt in your mind, reading this article is just further proof that you belong here!


My Experience in a Luxury Villa

I love travelling and have stayed with friends and family, in hotels, in hostels, and in rental villas. In all of my experiences abroad and in various cities in the U.S. the rental villas have always been my favorite. Even though I love traveling, I realize that I am a bit of a homebody. While those two traits sound like they conflict, rental villas, rental homes, or rental condos allow for them to coexist! Being able to travel to new and exotic places is great, but for me I prefer to have a “homebase” so to speak. It provides a lot of freedom and a lot of flexibility.

My reasoning is as follows:

I really like seeing new places, but I hate the traveling process– I hate airplanes and trains. I don’t like spending a lot of money to be shipped around like cattle. So when I go on vacation I like to minimize my travel time, by picking one place and spending the majority of my time there. Rental villas allow this because they are relatively cheap and they are incredibly comfortable. You could spend all your time there with the available amenities, the privacy, and the space.

Secondly, a villa really feels like home. Hotels have their merits, but they aren’t homes. I like being at home, so why wouldn’t I pick an option that reminds me of home? Rental villas are welcoming, inviting, beautifully designed, and located conveniently in most cases. Which means several different things for travelers. First, you can spend time in your villa without going stir crazy. There is plenty of space, TVs, in most cases pools and spas, and other amenities. Traveling doesn’t have to be packed with activities and sites to see. Whenever you feel like it you can take a day off from your busy vacation and spend it “home.” Oftentimes when I was traveling abroad I felt guilty for wanting to stay in when there is so much do. However, in those cases I was often paying hundreds of dollars for a hotel room. Spending less on accommodations sort of eases the pressure to see as much as can everyday. Its nice to know that you can always come back without breaking the bank.

Rental villas also give you the opportunity to live like a local. It changes your whole mindset when you are staying in a rental home as opposed to a hotel. You can escape the tourist persona and really try to integrate into the community. Who knows, you might even meet some good friends that you can come back and visit.

5 Ways to Reduce Your Spending While Renting a Holiday Apartment

5 Ways to Reduce Your Spending While Renting a Holiday Apartment

Let’s first congratulate you for choosing a vacation rental or holiday apartment. You are already on track to saving money on your vacation and enjoying your time off like a superstar. in rental home, rental condo, or rental villa. You get to enjoy all of the perks of a hotel (plus a whole lot more) for a fraction of the cost. You get privacy, security, lots of amenities, in your own private rental property. We wonder why anyone bothers will hotel reservations when holiday rentals are an option.

Here are some other ideas for reducing your spending during the vacation. Follow these tips and you can enjoy once in a lifetime vacation every year.

  1. The first thing to think about is the included laundry room that comes with many rental homes. This means that you can do your laundry (wash and dry) for free during your vacation. Now, if you’re like me laundry doesn’t really top my vacation to-do list, but in this case it might just be worth it. Since you can do your own laundry, you don’t need to pack as many clothing items. So you can probably condense everything into a carry-on bag. This means that you won’t have to wait for your bag or be disappointed when it doesn’t wheel around on the conveyor belt and you’re left with one pair of underwear for your trip. It also means that you don’t have to pay for domestic baggage fees, which can really add up. Bags can cost $25 each and you can be really gouged if they are too heavy. A family of four will pay at least $200 for the round-trip. Traveling light takes a burden off you, literally and mentally. You have fewer things to account for and can enter a backpacker state of mind.

  2. Cooking at home is another great idea for saving money. Travelers who stay in hotels are almost wholly reliant on restaurants for their meals. Three meals a day and pit stops for snacks can really eat up your cash. However, if you rent a vacation house with a kitchen, you can prepare all of your meals and even pack food for when you are on the go. Kitchens come fully equipped so just be sure to stock up on an appropriate amount of food for your group. A backpack or insulated lunch box is perfect for taking snacks with you.

  3. Bring a canteen, even if you aren’t an outdoorsy, hitchhiking guru. Canteens come in fashionable designs and can be very sleek, so there’s no more excuse for buying wasteful and expensive bottled water. You can fill them up with cool, refreshing water for those hot Florida days. I always suggest adding a few lemon wedges for flavor, as opposed to a sugary substitute like soda.

  4. If your family reunion has been delayed or if you have a group of friends or family that wants to get together, splitting the cost of a vacation home can be very budget friendly. The great thing about large luxury villas or vacation condos is that they can sleep up to 14 people. With private pools, spas, game rooms, and open floor plans, they are the perfect place to get together with a group. And the more people you have, the more cost-efficient your vacation will be. Splitting the cost of your vacation accommodations means that you will have more money for shopping, attractions, and restaurants.

  5. Another great amenity when it comes to vacation rentals is free parking. Bringing your own car or renting one is a possibility because of the parking that is available with rental homes. You can save time and money by driving yourself to attractions like Disney World. Your own car also gives you the flexibility to visit slightly more distant or out-of-the-way destinations. You can have a look at our recommended attractions, beaches, and restaurants around central Florida.

Shopping for Holiday Properties

Shopping for Holiday Properties 

In the past we’ve written extensively on the money-saving and budget-friendly option of renting a vacation home or rental house. However, if you really want to go the extra mile, you can save even more money by traveling at the right time. This means that folks with extra flexibility with their work schedules, school, family obligations can snag the very best deals, by avoiding peak vacation times.

At you will be sure to get the highest quality and most luxurious vacation villas for the absolute best price. However, the advertised price can change quite a bit from night to night.

For example this vacation home here located in Kissimmee:

This home can sleep up to 8. It has king and queen beds, an open floor plan. It has granite countertops and personally selected furniture to make this vacation house especially homey and welcoming.  From now until about mid February, the per night cost is $143. After that the price changes quite a bit. Periods of time less than a week in length to longer periods about a month long have different rates. So, in March, when many people enjoy spring break or take their first vacation after winter, the price is at it’s highest, at $229. Don’t get us wrong, $229 is still a great deal, especially if you are staying at full capacity. Your group could stay in this rental home for about $30 a person per night. But, if you are staying in this home during the off-season, you can stay for less than $18 a night per person. $12 a day might not seem like a lot, but that’s extra money that you could spending on your vacation. $12 is enough to sample all the best cuisine at an Orlando food truck fair. Its also enough for a couple drinks by the beach. If you can minimize the base expenses of your trip, you can feel much more free to splurge on other things, that will really improve your vacation.

This luxurious rental property can sleep up to 12 people:

It rents for $156 in the off season to $250 during the most expensive period of time. That’s a $94 dollar difference each day. So you can stay at $21 a night per person at the most expensive and $13 at it’s cheapest. Just imagine, staying in a luxury condo in a resort community with all of the amenities you can think of for just $13 a night!

Holiday Villas on a Budget

Holiday Villas on a Budget

If you have been reading these posts, you’ve probably surmised two things about me:

1. That I love drinking wine and 2. I love a bargain and try to save money when and where I can (so I can buy more wine) (just kidding) (please drink responsibly). Rental homes, rental condos, rental villas are already a deal when you consider the price it would cost to rent a hotel room. Rental homes can provide beds for up to 14 guests, which is unheard of in any other vacation setting– and at a hotel, would cost you thousands of dollars just for one night.

Another great thing about vacation rentals is how much money you save by cooking meals in your own fully-equipped kitchen, playing on golf courses included in the vacation community, or spending time in the private pool, spa, and game room that might come with you rental.

For example this rental villa here:

This one is listed at $169 a night. It can sleep up to 12 occupants. And the listing mentions homecooked meals, leaving the hassle of hotel reservations behind, and free parking included! Located in a gated and guarded community, this rental villa has all of the amenities you could dream of for your vacation. It is conveniently located near Disney. It has a sauna, fitness center, and two heated community pools. WiFi can be found in home and around the community in popular locations. Every home in this community is decorated and furnished and they even come with laundry rooms, with washer and dryer. This means that you can pack light and if you are flying, just take a carry-on to avoid the hassle at the airport. There are volleyball, tennis, and basketball courts. There is even a games arcade for the kids. This particular home has its own screened and private swimming pool. For just $169 a night (that’s less than $15 a day if you staying at maximum capacity) you can enjoy all of these perks, the fantastic location, and everything that central Florida has to offer. Check out all of the properties at Emerald Island Resort to find your perfect luxury villa.

Another option is at the Paradise Palms Resort:

This smaller, but equally luxurious villa, is only 6 miles away from Disney. It can sleep up to 8. The dining room, kitchen, and living are open plan, which means they are perfect for socializing and entertaining after a long day at Orlando’s attractions. If you ever find yourself worn-out from vacationing you can relax by the covered pool, which has optional heating. This property includes kitchen, laundry room, and wide screen TVs. The resort itself spared no expense, which is why you can enjoy waterfalls, a lagoon pool, clubhouse, a movie theater, restaurants, and Starbucks in the beautiful and safe community you can call your own! This rental home is listed as low as $143.

Guide to Sprucing up your Living Room: The Vacation Homes Ultimate Guide

Guide to Sprucing up your Living Room: The Vacation Homes Ultimate Guide

If you plan on staying in a vacation rental or a rental condo, there’s no reason to leave your creative spirit at home. You can feel free to decorate and make your holiday home pop with some personal touches.

The first thing that I would suggest is picking out your favorite prints and rolling up a few posters to take with you, or order a some ahead of time and have them delivered. You can easily mount these with painters tape or other specialized hangers that don’t require nails or drills. These are a low-cost and easy way to make your rental house’s living room look like its been yours all along. When you are ready to head home for good, you can donate your posters or give them to a community organization.

Your Florida villa is already masterfully decorated and maintained but that doesn’t mean you can’t spruce things up a little bit. If you are going to be staying in your rental house or rental villa for some time, you might feel like moving some pieces of furniture around. Moving a chair towards the bay windows or a table to the breakfast nook can give you a view of the beautiful outdoors and a sunny spot to read a book or enjoy a cup of coffee. These small changes can give the opportunity to rewind and relax in a way that seems to only be possible on vacation. The right Feng Shui in your vacation home can definitely make you more comfortable and relaxed.

Another idea for making the rental property a little homier, would be to pick out a small potted plant. If you pick something small enough and hardy enough you can easily pack it up and take it home with you. It can be the perfect souvenir of your Florida vacation. It can also sit on your table or by your bedside and give your rental home or rental apartment the perfect touch of green. Again, if the plant is too big to transport, you can always donate it to a local organization or a friendly neighbor.

There are plenty of other DIY tips that you can find online and that will surely come to you when you are moving in to your vacation rental. For example, if you find a small shelf at a rummage sale or a thrift store, you can store trinkets and other souvenirs that you collect during your trip. This way you can reflect on your travels so far every time you see the shelf.

Hopefully your trip will be relaxing and you can feel at home in one of your rental villas or rental condos. And if we’ve done anything right you can get some inspiration from the decoration you’ll find in our properties and take it back home with you!

Kissimmee Vacation Rentals

Kissimmee Vacation Rentals

Kissimmee is a medium-sized town just a few miles from Orlando. There are many rental homes and rental condo options in Kissimmee. It’s proximity to the city or Orlando and to Walt Disney World make it a perfect location for travelers who want to avoid the inconveniences, noise and crowds of the big city. You can bring a car to make all of your day trips around Florida. There is also a public transportation system that serves Kissimmee. There is also an Amtrak stop in the town.

One vacation rental community near Disney World and Orlando is the Cane Island Resort. This resort style communities has a lot to offer. Aside from its ideal location, there is also a clubhouse, sauna, spa, coffee room, and games room. The resort is also located near other attractions, parks, and world class golf courses. These two-bedroom rental apartments include balconies and are being offered as low as $104 a night!

The Emerald Island Resort is a townhouse community. Also located in Kissimmee, these rental properties can sleep up to 6 people. These vacation homes are equipped with full kitchens including a dishwasher, toaster, blender, coffee maker, oven & stove. There are also laundry rooms with washer and dryer. You can enjoy free Wifi internet and big screen TVs. This community is located close to Premium Outlets, Florida Mall, Disney World, Universal Studios and SeaWorld. Rental homes like these are perfect for larger groups and for extended stays.

If you are looking for something more luxurious for your vacation you can stay at Reunion Resort. This 2300 acre community is located near Orlando, Walt Disney World and only half an hour to the airport. This resort has all of the amenities you can dream of. There are 3 Signature golf courses, a 5 acre water park, a full-service spa, tennis courts, jogging tracks, and a fitness center. These villa select rentals have fully equipped kitchens, flat screen TVs and DVD/CD players. You can cool off or get a workout in one of ten swimming pools. Don’t worry about dinner as there are also amazing restaurants nearby, like at Universal CityWalk. There is also nearby entertainment, attractions, shopping and cultural experiences.

Rent a Holiday Home: The Best Way to Visit Disney

There’s no doubt that many Orlando vacationers are drawn to the city because of attractions like Universal and SeaWorld, however Disney World seems to be the most ubiquitous park on itineraries. Sure there are plenty of hotels in Orlando. There are even some in Disney World, but why would you settle for a one room in a crowded hotel, when you can have a rental home or vacation villa all to yourself?

The great thing about staying in a home for rent or in a condo rental is that you can sleep many more people than a hotel room for a fraction of the price. So not only are you gaining the privacy and convenience of your own vacation property, you are saving money that could be better spent during your vacation.

Many of our condo and rental home communities are located conveniently close to Disney World. This means you can get an early start to your day in the Magic Kingdom and stay as long as you want without worrying about traffic or getting home too late. And when you do get back from a long day at Disney World, you can relax in your private pool or spa that are included in many of our rental home and luxury villas.

Another benefit of staying close to Disney World is that you don’t need to stress about seeing and experiencing everything in one day. You can take your time and not worry about lines and missing your favorite attraction or show, because you can always come back. If you love Disney and are going to stay in a rental house, then it might make sense to get a Disney Pass that allows you to go more than once. These passes often have other benefits as well, like free admission to other Orlando parks.

Staying in a vacation rental or a villa select for rent makes sense for a lot of reasons. While some people point to the amenities of hotels, many of our rental homes and rental condos have all of those amenities and more! How many hotels offer a private jacuzzi or a fully equipped kitchen? You’d be hard pressed to fit a family of 5 in one expensive hotel room. And you can bet that a week in one room starts to get stuffy, messy, and maybe a little cranky. But with a full home to yourself, you can fit up to 14 individuals and have space to spare. All of these benefits, coupled with Disney’s proximity mean that your Orlando vacation doesn’t have to break the bank to be spectacular!

Nightlife in Orlando

Nightlife in Orlando

So far on this blog, we’ve really emphasized family fun during your stay in a vacation rental or rental villa in Orlando. That’s all good and well if you are taking a family trip. However, there are plenty of Florida vacationers staying in luxurious condo rentals and villa rentals that are less interested in the sunny days are more attracted to the nightlife scene. And who’s to say that kids can’t be involved? No matter who you are or with whom you are vacationing, there is plenty to do at night in Orlando.

A quick glimpse at TripAdvisor will let you know hundreds of names or restaurants, bars, clubs, and more with the best visitor rating. This means that vacationers staying in villas in Orlando can find just what they are looking for. You can choose a bar with karaoke, a club that has dancing, a restaurant that has live music or performances at comedy clubs. There are hundreds of options, so while the kids or the less inclined snooze at your rental home or rental house, you can live it up at one of Orlando’s many fantastic venues.

If the kids are going to be involved then you can check out some of the restaurants in and associated with Universal, Disney, and Epcot. Many of these restaurants are themed and while they may cater to a younger or specific demographic, many of them have world-class cuisine and service. If you don’t want to leave the kids in the vacation condo or vacation home, then bring them to a nightlife destination like Universal City Walk or Disney’s Board Walk. There is something for everyone in Orlando, even at night.

We can’t forget about movie entertainment. You could check out AMC Universal Cineplex, which has 20 screens and IMAX. You could catch a Blue Man Group show, a Bob Marley tribute, or a BB King lounge performance. You might even head over to the Icebar for drinks and an arctic experience.

In terms of bars and clubs, the really run the gamut. There’s the Grey Goose, roof-top lounge with panoramic views of the city. There’s Kush Ultralounge, which caters to hookah lovers. The Independent has dancing and the Matador has quality cocktails. The Venue has a burlesque troupe and the Orlando Improv serves dinner, drinks, and comedy.

Choosing a Rental, What’s the Best Option for You?

Choosing a Rental, What’s the Best Option for You?

At there are many different options to choose from. First you have to figure how many people will be staying with you. One of the great things about renting a vacation home or luxury villa is how many people these buildings can sleep. That means that you can invite the whole family or a group of friends and stay in Florida for a fraction of the cost of a hotel. There are options on our site that can sleep 14 at only $208 a night. Talk about a deal!

The next thing that you should consider is your proximity to various attractions in Orlando and Kissimmee. While most of our properties are located near enough to attractions like Walt Disney World and Discovery Cove, you might choose one that’s particularly close if you want to make repeat visits. Staying in a vacation rental or holiday home nearby means that you can leave early and beat the crowds– and stay late and not worry about getting home.

After you decide on number of guests and the location, the next priority should be the amenities that are included in the house rental or holiday villa. While all of the properties are beautifully designed and maintained, many of them include amenities that can make your vacation truly special. Think: queen beds, private pools, jacuzzis, club houses, game rooms, and fully equipped kitchens.

These amenities are not only convenient and luxurious, they can also be money-saving as well. Queen beds means a more restful sleep, but also that you can double up if need be. Private pools and jacuzzis can relax you after a long day at the amusement park or touring around Florida. Relaxing in the jacuzzi can ensure you are ready for the action tomorrow is sure to bring. The club houses and game rooms are great for socializing when you get back home. The whole group can spend time together in the privacy and comfort of these rooms. Fully equipped kitchens mean that you can save your going out money for truly special experiences. While most tourists and vacationers are reliant on restaurants and stores for all of their meals, you will be able to choose when and where you go during your stay.

There is of course another aspect to picking the right home. And that happens to be what the villa rental, condo rental, or vacation home looks like! With plenty of pictures on the site you can choose the house you like the best and are proud to come home to every night after your days out and about.

Beaches Just a Short Drive from Orlando

Beaches Just a Short Drive From Orlando

If you are staying in a vacation rental or holiday home in Orlando, chances are that you want to spend some time at the beach. Beach culture dominates vacations in Florida, so be sure you head to the right spots.


Daytona Beach

First there’s Daytona Beach– historically a spring breakers destination, this beach’s party atmosphere has died down recently, but is still a hot destination because its proximity to Orlando and easy navigation. There is also plenty of parking, so you could drive you own car, if you’ve brought it to your holiday house.


Cocoa Beach

An hour’s drive to the East Coast of Florida will land you in Cocoa Beach. The roads aren’t as straightforward, so think about packing a GPS or having a navigator in the passenger’s seat. Cocoa beach has plenty to offer in terms of food and drink. But then again, you could always pack something to go in the kitchens that are included in many holiday apartments and luxury villas. If you are lucky you can watch a rocket or shuttle launch from Kennedy Space Center.


New Symrna

New Symrna has a lot to offer. Just over an hour away from Orlando, this beach has restaurants, nearby golfing, bars, and shops. There is also a great surf spot nearby at the Ponce Inlet. Packing and storing a surfboard is not a problem at all in a spacious luxury villa or a house for rent by owner.


Satellite Beach

If you are looking to escape the metropolitan feel of Orlando you can spend the day at Satellite Beach. A city of only 10,000 means that you can enjoy some relaxing time in this small beach town. Satellite beach has excellent restaurants to choose from and is very family friendly. If you are staying in a vacation house or holiday villa in Orlando with the family, this beach may be perfect for a day-long excursion.


St. Augustine Beach

St. Augustine Beach is just under a two hour drive from Orlando. St. Augustine has beautiful and clean shores with white sand. While you can enjoy the beautiful beaches, you can also spend your time exploring the Spanish forts and the cobblestone streets of this colonial town. If you are looking to add a little history to your Florida vacation, you should add St. Augustine to your itinerary.


Villa holidays can be so enjoyable you won’t want to leave Orlando, but there are so many beautiful destinations just a short drive from your holiday apartment or villa rental. Visiting these beaches is the only way to enjoy the nightlife, restaurants, bars, historical sites, parks, golf courses, shopping and activities in their respective communities.