Vacation on a Budget

Vacation on a Budget: Spending Money to Save Money
Wanting to see Orlando but don’t think you have the free cash to do it? Follow this simple tip and you will get saving for a trip in no time.

You have to have a budget to make one.
For many people “being under budget” month by month is a constant worry. Will you have enough to pay the credit card, put into retirement, pay the mortgage, and cover those seemingly spontaneous emergencies?

Taking a vacation can take a toll on that last check, or the savings account, and simply an expense that many cannot afford. But taking a relaxing break does not have to break the bank. For you next weekend off from work, plan at least one week in advance.

By using the following four parameters, you can better define your typical expenses and how to control them effectively.

Transportation — Accounting for travel is one of the first things people should think of before traveling. After all, it is the start of any one’s vacation. Whether or not you are going 20 miles or 200 miles travel fair begs the question, what’s the best way to get there? By exploring reward points on credit cards, points with airlines, cheapest taxi fares, or simply the cost of gas, you can find a bargain in getting to your dream destination. If driving, map out the quickest way to get there. Mark out your pit stops and consecutive gas stations with low rates. Flying? Buy at least two weeks in advance to get the best deal.

Room and board — Start by finding the right stay for you. Looking for a cozy, spacious, and intimate weekend? Try vacation rental by owner. By searching Google for hot topics like “short term home rentals” or VRBO, you can stay for a weekend or even a couple of weeks in a comfortable townhome or condo for an affordable price. You have the benefits of staying in friendly and warm home for a fraction of the price that you would pay for at a hotel. Browse through every possible type of living, including cheap holiday villas, luxury rentals, homes in Kissimmee Florida, summer rentals and more.

Food – Hitting the rights spots for food is essential to enjoying your stay. After all, much of our social interaction is centered on a finding a great restaurant, a unique dining experience, the best drinks in town, authentic cultural cuisine, and the list goes on. By using phone apps and websites like Grubhub, UrbanSpoon, Yellowpages, and OpenTable you can search for good eateries according to how much you want to spend per meal, how close it is to your Florida condo, what type of cuisine, and much more.

Fun — What’s a vacation without fun? Proportioning the rest of your disposable income can mean the difference between a good vacation and a great one. Start by searching through local government websites. Because many cities rely heavily on tourism, you can search through catalogues of local theaters, historical landmarks, museums, theme parks, and pretty much anything that would attract a casual tourist. In addition to this catalogue, typically these websites will list seasonal shows, festivals, and current events that make traveling at the right time ideal. Best part about this list? Often time you will find coupons or discounts that would be overlooked if you were speaking to a travel agent or stumbling upon the event by accident.

By comprising a comprehensive list of room and board, travel, food, and fun, and a dash of planning— even the most price conscious traveler can relax while on vacation

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