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We select and rate the better Vacation Homes for you. Each house is visited by a professional inspector that checks for maintenance and house keeping quarterly. Only properties with score higher than 8 can be listed with us…

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Taking Off to a Orlando Holiday Home

It is almost September, which means the end of summer is nigh. If you live in a cooler climate then that change is a little markedly different than the transition to fall in Orlando. The weather usually never dips below 70, so rather than warm up with a cup of cocoa, Florida residents are more […]

Party and Nightlife with Florida Vacation Homes

The nightlife, clubs, and bars in Orlando are some of the best in the world. People come from all around the country to enjoy the amazing attractions like the beaches and the theme parks, but many people don’t realize that the city takes on a new face at night and offers an incredible nightlife scene. […]

Sharing a Vacation Rental with Friends

If you’re the type of person who always has room at your table for friends and guests, then a vacation rental is perfect for sharing with friends. Booking several hotel rooms for you and a big party can get very expensive. Plus, you’ll be separated for at least half of your vacation. And who wants […]

Sunny Skies are Here to Stay

Fall is already upon us. Children will be headed back to school soon. Vacation hours will be used up (hopefully) and the amazing weather of summer will be replaced by the cool and calm of autumn. If you were lucky this summer then you had a chance to vacation somewhere beautiful with friends or family. […]

Orlando Vacation Homes: Perfect for a Florida Adventure

If you’ve never stayed in a vacation rental, then you are missing out. There is something so refreshing and liberating about renting an entire house as opposed to just a hotel room. You might think that’s true but know that renting an entire holiday home would take you to the cleaners. I mean it only […]

The Best Way to Enjoy Orlando Vacation Rentals

Summer already seems to be winding down but that doesn’t mean that vacation season is winding down. School is still out for a while and holidays can still be had, especially in Orlando and Kissimmee. Even if you don’t have kids, staying in a vacation rental for your holiday is a great idea! You can […]